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Places To Get Good Beer in Buenos Aires


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Summer is slowly arriving in Buenos Aires and the weather is getting warmer and warmer. Nothing’s better than a nice cold beer on a hot summer day. Buenos Aires, while known for its nightlife, wine, and steak, is not exactly as well known for its beer. But that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with a bottle of red for the rest of your trip – there are quite a few bars and microbreweries known for their fine brews that will keep you from getting parched as you explore South America!

Antares (Armenia 1447, Palermo, and Arévalo 2876, Las Cañitas) – You’re likely to find this bar on many microbrewery lists and it’s quite popular with good reason. They have 7 custom brews on tap as well as 2×1 beer available every day for happy hour.

Bangalore (Humboldt 1416, Palermo) – An English pub in Palermo that serves artisan beers (and Indian food)

Bar El Federal (Carlos Calvo 599, Monserrat) – Founded in 1864, this is easily the oldest microbrewery as well as a bar notable of Buenos Aires.

Broeghan (Bolívar 860, San Telmo) – Started by two brothers who had such a talent for homemade beer that they went into business together.

Buena Birra Social Club (Zapiola 1353, Colegiales) – Previously a Puerta Cerrada, this is now an amazing place to get homebrews with great reviews from foreigners and locals alike. No longer “hidden” but still a gem!

Buller Brewery (Pres. R. M. Ortiz, Recoleta) – Located right by the cemetery, this place has been open for over a decade and boasts being the first microbrewery in BA – what’s more, they make their brews on site!

Cervelar (Av. Elcano 3385, Belgrano, and Viamonte 336, Microcentro) – This place stocks local and international beers of all kinds. ‎

Cossab (Carlos Calvo 4199, Boedo) – Located in a very porteño neighborhood of Buenos Aires, this another great bar known for its homemade beers.

Cruzat (Sarmiento 1617, Congreso) – If variety is your thing, then this is the bar for you: over 150 beers are on offer, both imported and artisan from all over Argentina.

Downtown Matías (various locations, see website) – This Irish Pub has a variety of locations and is known for its extensive beer menu, including some brews of their own!

Genó Beer Bar (Guatemala 5499, Palermo) – With more than 40 national and international beers available, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes. ‎

Gibraltar (Perú 895, San Telmo) A famous and traditional English pub, known for serving beer (and wine) as well as their steadfast refusal to prepare cocktails.

Otro Mundo (varied locations) – Not a bar so much as an Argentine brewing company based in Santa Fe (the city, not the street), you can see online where it can be found here in Capital Federal.

The Shanghai Dragon (Aráoz 1199, Palermo) – A quiet corner at the edge of Palermo, well known for their home-brews.

Van Koning (Báez 325, Las Cañitas) – The “Dutch Bar” is happy home to the Otro Mundo beers mentioned above, as well as an excellent variety of imported beers.

Hopefully these bars will give you a starting point for how to explore the beer scene in Buenos Aires – and be sure to check them out for their various Happy Hour promotions so that you can enjoy more beers per buck!

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