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Study Spanish in Buenos Aires, the perfect place from which to venture out and further explore Argentina and South America. We want you to feel like this is your second home, not just a place to study Spanish. Like you, our staff are creative, dynamic people and the Vamos Spanish Academy atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. We offer Intensive Group and Private Spanish Classes, TEFL Certification Course, Weekend Spanish Lessons, Online Classes, Spanish for children and families as well as cultural studies, workshops and activities to explore and enjoy all that Argentina has to offer.

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Invaluable Resources for Expats Living in Buenos Aires

GET INFO AND SUPPORT FROM THE BUENOS AIRES EXPAT COMMUNITY THROUGH THESE RESOURCES While moving to a foreign country is the experience of a lifetime, you’re bound to miss the routines and familiarities of your everyday life back home, e.g. your local food delivery service or your neighborhood dry cleaners. But to help ease the…

Your Guide to UBER in Buenos Aires Argentina

What you need to know about UBER in Argentina Being a United States native, I have become accustomed to the luxuries of tapping my phone and magically making an uberX appear rather than hailing a cab. I was happy to know the same convenience would be available at my new home in Argentina. Only while…


Similarities Between The Australian and Argentine Cultures

As a guy who has lived in Perth, Western Australia his whole life, I knew that moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina was going to present a completely different way of living with a culture that is vastly contrasting to the one I grew up in. What surprised me, however, are the arrays of similarities that…

The Ultimate Spanish Vocab Infographic for the Cooking Lovers

At Vamos Spanish, we make use of all kinds of tools and activities in the classrooms to create a fun and engaging Spanish learning experience. The kind of immersive learning that we advocate doesn’t have to end once you step outside of the classroom doors though. Among the many tips that we give our students…

The Joy of Language Exchanges in Buenos Aires

The Capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, celebrates all cultures. First and foremost, its very own Porteño [Port] culture. And with a competitive standing, United States Culture. Trivia Night served to exemplify this sentiment. One of the most rewarding aspects of my experience with Vamos Spanish has been the events that we organize each week. Generally, you…

What Do You See When You Cannot See?

There are a myriad of shows, acts and musicals overflowing in Buenos Aires and they are all jostling to get under the limelight. Last weekend, my eyes were opened, so to speak, to a new phenomena as I went to experience the: “Theatre for The Blind”. “Theatre for The Blind” sounds like a strange oxymoron…

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