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The key to learning Spanish online with Vamos Spanish Academy lies in our modern communicative method and personable approach, which guarantee an enjoyable experience, and result in consistent progress.

Spanish certificate

Our Certificates demonstrate your language skills in terms of speaking, reading, listening and writing at six reference levels ranging from A1 to C2, following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Our Online Spanish Levels

Our Online Spanish Courses have six levels: Beginner 1 & 2, Intermediate 1 & 2, Advanced and Superior.

Each level is organized depending on the students’ competencies necessary for effective communication. The advantage of this framework is that it mainly considers what a learner “can do” with the language. Although in our classes different parts of the language system (grammar, vocabulary, etc.) are discussed, our levels mainly indicate the students’ performance to function in communicative contexts. Please refer to our Spanish Skill Level Chart for a more detailed description of Spanish skills by levels.

online spanish levels chart

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Online Spanish Courses

We tailor your online classes according to your needs, goal and Spanish level.

Whether you are preparing for an exam, an upcoming interview or a presentation at work, our teachers will be happy to assist you in reaching your goals. Online Individual Lessons are frequently available. Choose an online private class from our curriculum or request your own topic, date, time and learn with a native Argentine teacher.

"What really impressed me was the ability to understand how the Spanish grammar works without any prior knowledge of the Spanish language. My teacher was very patient and fun, he definitely was highly qualified."
"My teacher Brenda places high value in challenging me, so that I make fast progress. Her way of teaching is strict, but I like it, because I get to grow beyond myself. "
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