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Argentina National Anthem


Argentina National Anthem

National Anthem of Argentina

Our national anthem was born in 1812 and was originally 20 minutes long but in 1924 it was cut downto around four minutes for practical reasons, as you can imagine. The lyrics were written by Vicente López y Planes (don’t let that “y” confuse you, it is one person, not two as it is commonly mistaken) and the music was by Blas Parera. You can listen and follow it with the lyrics below. At the end is my English translation for it.

Music Sheet Argentine National Anthem:

Oíd mortales, el grito sagrado:
“¡Libertad! ¡Libertad! ¡Libertad!”
¡Oíd el ruido de rotas cadenas,
ved del trono a la noble Igualdad!

Ya su trono dignísimo abrieron
las Provincias Unidas del Sud.
Y los libres del mundo responden
¡Al gran Pueblo Argentino salud!


Sean eternos los laureles
que supimos conseguir:
coronados de gloria vivamos
o juremos con gloria morir.

My non-official English translation for your reference:
Hear, mortals, the sacred cry:
“Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!”
Hear the sound of the broken chains,
see the noble Equality enthroned!

For the most honorable throne has been set by
The United Provinces of the South.
And the free ones of the world reply,
“To the great Argentine people, hail!”


May the laurels be eternal,
Which we earned for ourselves
Let us live crowned with glory
Or else, die with gloriously!

Argentina National Anthem Video 


For more information about the Argentine National Anthem contact our Spanish Language School in Argentina or visit us at Viamonte 1516. Cursos de Ingles

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