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Temaiken Park




Temaikén in Buenos Aires Argentina

Buenos Aires has a zoo in the city but actually not too far from the city, there is another zoo, or more accurately a bioparque called Temaikén (http://www.temaiken.com.ar). It is only an hour bus ride from Plaza Italia and the bus will drop you right off at the entrance.

Compare to the zoo in the city, Temaikén is called a bioparque for a reason. They have a huge range of exotic animals living there, from the not-so-endangered animals like macaw, to dangerously endangered animals like chita; thus, many animals in between which I have only seen on Discovery Channel! If watching bats sleep fascinate you, like me, you’d be in for a treat, but they do stink!

The park is very well-designed with tons of trees, plants, and pretty landscapes. The animal’s living environment is designed to imitate as closely as possible to their natural habitats, and may be because of that, the animals were way more active than I could ever remember when I was last at a zoo, where the probability of actually seeing the animals doing something was pretty low. At Temaikén, I had chitas, of course separated by a glass window, walking up, modeling and showing off, to me over and over again! You getta love that!

The bird section was very impressive too. It is dissected into various ‘rooms’ gated by heavy chains, so you can be in the same room with them and have them check you out. The aquarium was also very beautiful, all kinds of fish and sharks swimming all around you in the circular tank.

I didn’t expect to have so much fun plus all the wonderful surprises at Temaikén. If you are an animal lover, it’s a must visit, but even if you are not, you will find yourself enjoying a relaxing day getting in touch with the nature in a fascinating way.

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