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Great People Watching Spots in Buenos Aires


cafe patio
One of the impressions which the visitors of Buenos Aires always have is that the city pace here is very relaxed and has a “there’s nothing to rush” tone to it. One obvious way to tell is through the cafés which are always filled with patrons at any given time of the day, but you won’t see them typing intently on the computer, texting on the blackberry or talking rapidly on the cellphone. Instead, you’ll see them sipping coffee, reading newspaper, chatting away with company, watching people or just enjoying being in his own thoughts. Among all those activities, people watching over a cup of cortado has to be one of the very Argentine things to do. I too have adopted this habit soon after my arrival in Buenos Aires. I’ve learned to leave my computer at home, at most I’d bring a book, but usually I’d just head out, find a great spot and people watch. Here are a few of my personal favorite spots:
1) The outdoor patio of Freddo/Aroma in Recoleta. I love this corner, especially on the weekends, there are so much going on around there because of the weekend markets that you won’t get bored at all. Since the coffee there is the most reasonably priced in that area too, it does get very busy, so go early to grab a seat.

2) Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo. All the bars and restaurants surrounding the plaza always have tables and chairs out. It’s a great place to grab a seat and enjoy the atmosphere both when the sun is out and when the sun is down. However, remember that every Sunday is when the antique markets take over, so no ‘patio’ seats during the day.

3) Corner of Santa Fe and Coronel Díaz. 3 out of the 4 corners are a restaurant café. Due to the Alto Palermo shopping mall,  the merchants on Santa Fe and the convenience of the Bulnes subway station, they make this corner a very busy one and full of action all the time. All 3 restaurants have outdoor seating, but given the super busy car and people traffic at this intersection, I’d recommend you to stay inside but get a window seat to enjoy the people watch from ‘afar’.

4) Last but not least, the green plazas in Recoleta and the Palermo parks. On a nice sunny day on the weekends, everyone would be out to enjoy the warm weather and get active. You will see people doing all kind of fun things, from playing music, rollerblading, to practicing trapeze hanging from a tree or playing with their dogs. There are many food and drink vendors in the parks at your disposal.

The great thing about being in this amazing city Buenos Aires is that whenever you have enough of people watching and want to get in on the action yourself, there are many things you can do. Pick up a newspaper, magazine, or simply look up Buenos Aires Tours online, you will face with tons of options that deciding what to do will become your next challenge.


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