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Argentine Netflix: What’s Good? My Top 5 Recommendations



Next time you’re in the mood to “Netflix and chill,” why not do it Argentina-style? Pro tip: Argentine Netflix pairs best with red wine.

Why watch Argentine Netflix?

Watching movies and television programs in Spanish is a great (and stress-free) way to practice your listening skills. It allows for a luxury that doesn’t exist in real-life interaction – the ability to simply pause and rewind when you haven’t understood something. You can hone your listening skills from the comfort of your own home, without feeling the pressure that is (for me, at least) a constant reality of navigating interpersonal situations in a non-native language.

Watching shows can’t replace the experience of listening to real people in real life, but it can be an extremely helpful addition to the listening you do in your day-to-day life, and a way to maximize your learning by practicing in your down-time.

It can also be a means of retaining your Spanish listening skills when you are, (due to whatever unfortunate circumstances,) not currently residing in a Spanish-speaking country.

Watching shows made in Argentina is invaluable practice for developing a familiarity with Argentinians’ distinctive (“distinctive” is putting it lightly) manner of speech, picking up Argentine slang, and learning the ins and outs of Argentine culture and social dynamics. If you are planning on traveling here, you should watch as many Argentinian movies and television programs as possible before you leave – it will give you a huge head start in the process of becoming accustomed to Argentine speech.

What if I don’t have access to Netflix?

Netflix is a great resource for watching movies and shows, but if you don’t have access to Netflix, another website I recommend for streaming shows and movies in Spanish is Peliculas Fox. Both Peliculas Fox and Netflix give users the option to search by country, so you can narrow the selection down to Argentina-only media, and choose whatever interests you. If you are a beginner, I personally recommend choosing a run-of-the-mill romantic comedy, like “Dos más dos,” “¿Quién dice que es fácil?” or “Sin hijos” – movies with static characters and predictable plots are much easier for a beginner to follow! Once you reach an intermediate level of Spanish, though, you will feel more comfortable diving into the cool stuff!

Will I be able to access my Netflix account in Argentina?

If you already use Netflix in your home country, you will be able to access your Netflix account in Argentina. Keep in mind that different countries offer different options on Netflix due to differences in copyright statuses. There are ways to get around this, such as using a VPN, but doing so goes against Netflix’ terms and conditions. I wanted to have access to programs that were created locally, so I could practice my listening skills while decompressing after a long day in the city. Also, making casual references to Argentine series in conversation is a great way to impress the locals!

Here are my top 5 Argentine TV shows & movies recommendations:

  1. Soy Luna

Some of you out there may think you’re “too mature” for teen shows, but I certainly don’t. I love this show. The wholesomeness, cheesy comedy, and sentimentality of this adolescent telenovela produced by Disney Channel Latin America are right up my alley. Luna is a teenager who lives in Mexico, loves to skate, and has a great life with lots of friends and fun. Until her parents get a job offer in Buenos Aires. Luna is such an awesome protagonist, and I identify with her because, as newcomers to Buenos Aires, we share a lot of the same struggles. There are two seasons of Soy Luna, but only one is available to stream on Netflix. Each episode is 45 minutes to an hour.

  1. Los Simuladores  

Los Simuladores is a modern classic in Argentina that aired on television for two seasons in the early 2000s. It’s about a group of bad-ass secret agent con artists who use their skills to create make-believe scenarios to help their clients solve problems in their lives. The show is hilarious and absurd, and very fun to watch. It’s so good that Chile, Spain, and Mexico have all made their own remakes of it! The episodes are 50 minutes long, and, since it was made for television, you get little breaks between scenes, where the commercials used to air.

  1. El Marginal

El Marginal is a dramatic and suspenseful miniseries that came out in 2016. It won two out of eight nominations for Martín Fierro Awards, those for best writers and best miniseries. The series follows the story of a former cop who went undercover to infiltrate a gang, but got so deep into his mission that he lost contact with his operatives in the police force. He escapes from prison and attempts to regain his true identity. There are 13 episodes in the series, and each is 45 minutes to an hour.

  1. Edha

So, maybe it’s a little weird for me to recommend this, since it hasn’t come out yet, but I am really excited about this series. Edha was commissioned by Netflix and will be the first Netflix Original Series to appear on the website, upon its release in 2018. The series, created by acclaimed porteño film director and screenwriter Daniel Burman, is a suspense drama. The series will follow the life of Edha, a young fashion designer who is also a struggling single mother. It will offer a window into the glamorous and not-so glamorous aspects of the Buenos Aires fashion world – dark secrets, intense romances, and powerful egos of the Buenos Aires fashion world. Burman described the series as a global project with “a strong local identity.” Although it is not yet available to stream, Edha has already appeared on with an “add to my list” option.

  1. Estocolmo

Estocolmo premiered on Netflix in November of 2016. It was filmed in Buenos Aires and Villa La Angostura, a village in the south of the Neuquén province, and was created by Nacho Viale, (whose sister, Juana Viale, plays a lead role in the series). The series follows the overlapping stories of an agent, a prosecutor, and a journalist, and their endeavor to bring down a human trafficking ring. The theme hits close to home in Argentina, which, like many other countries (including my own), has a history of being plagued by such human rights violations. As of right now, only one season is available to watch on Netflix. The episodes are 35-50 minutes long.


Argentina is home to one of the most developed film industries in Latin America, ranking in the top three along with Mexico and Brazil. Watching films and series produced in Argentina is a fun and relaxing way to expose yourself to Argentine language and culture (even if you are far away). Having an Argentinian Netflix account while living in Argentina has allowed me to take advantage of the wealth of media produced by this country, and has provided me with so much invaluable listening practice that really makes a difference in my daily life here. I hope you found this article helpful and that you enjoy these recommendations!  

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By Emilyann McKelvey

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