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5 must-see top rated tourist attractions in Argentina



Argentina is a stunning country and it is one that should sit high on anyone’s bucket list. There’s a challenge, though, when planning a trip because the country is so massive it’s difficult to know where to start or end up. It’s difficult to narrow the tourist attractions down to just 5 because there are so many, but we dedicated ourselves to choosing the absolute best and here’s what we came up with.

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They are all so awesome that we haven’t put them in any particular order

1. Perito Moreno Glacier

Another UNESCO site, and this one you will find in El Calafate, a small town which is home to Los Glaciares National Park. What’s of interest here? The Perito Moreno Glacier, not only is it the third largest freshwater reserve on the planet, it is also home to an 18-mile long ice formation.

The visitor center is just two hours from the town and from the center, there’s only a short walk to reach to glacier via a walking circuit. For the more adventurous spirits out there… you can climb Perito Moreno! Yes, there are tours available for a quick hour walk on the surface of the ice to a five-hour trek. That’s not all you will find at the park, though. There’s also a 2-mile high mountain, Monte Fitz Roy, which is just as treacherous as Everest.

2. Ushuaia

Patagonia is well known for incredible landscapes, bragging massive stretches of plateaus and plains, made all the more dramatic by the backdrop of the Andes. This southern hot spot also happens to feature Ushuaia – which just happens to be the most southern city in the world. It got its start in the 20th century as a penal colony, but now it’s become the place to launch adventures. It’s the starting point for trips around Cape Horn and kicking off an Antartic adventure. It’s fondly known as the end of the world and has a truly unique landscape that features woods, mountains, glaciers, and sea. It sits at the very edge of Tierra del Fuego National Park. In fact, you’ll want to visit the National Park, too, while you are in the area.

There are also two museums that show the unique history of the area, and a lighthouse (built in 1884).

3. San Carlos de Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is generally referred to as just Bariloche. It is known to be a place for the more adventurous among us. It is home to one of South America’s largest ski resorts as well as the Cerro Catedral, the tallest ski peak. There are incredible views here, the most popular of which being Nahuel Huapi. This is a lake that forms part of the aptly named Nahuel Huapi National Park, the Lake District in Argentina. Bariloche is nestled within the national park and is the perfect tour center for anyone who wants to go exploring in the area. There’s not just skiing, though, you’ll also find glaciers, volcanoes, camping, climbing, waterfalls, hiking, rafting, and cycling. It really is the place to be and there’s something for everyone (who likes to stay active).

4. Buenos Aires

No trip to Argentina would be complete without a visit to the big city! There’s something for everyone, whether you are interested in traipsing the art galleries and museums or visiting older buildings. You can’t miss La Boca, which also happens to be home to a museum and is the most colorful neighborhood in the city. You will also see tango lessons happening outdoors! The Recoleta Barrio features a cemetery where Argentina’s most famous citizens (including Eva Peron) have been laid to rest.

5. Iguazu Falls

You will find the falls on the shared bored with Brazil. The Brazilian side brags the Iguacu National Park, while the Argentinian side has the Iguazu National Park. This UNESCO site brags stunning waterfalls that are difficult to beat anywhere else across South America. You’ll be surprised to find just how close you are allowed to get to the falls – there are walkways and viewing platforms that provide amazing views. There’s even a hot spot right at the bottom of the waterfalls, this is called the Devil’s Throat.

The falls contain somewhere between 150 and 300 separate waterfalls and are almost two miles long. The exact number varies from season to season, but they are up to 270 feet tall. Luckily, it’s easy to get there as there’s an international airport.

This is just five tourist attractions in a huge country that has a lot to see and do, like learning Spanish in Buenos Aires. Make sure you plan ahead so you can fit in plenty of tourist attractions on your trip, and you can keep up to date with all the latest news and deals out there by following Bargain Hunter’s blog.


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