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Where To Enjoy a Pint of Craft Beer in Buenos Aires



Best Craft Beer in Buenos Aires

While here in Buenos Aires it may still be easier to find a Quilmes or Brahma at your typical Argentine watering hole, the microbrew craze that is sweeping other parts of the world is certainly starting to take hold in the bar scene of Buenos Aires. As an avid beer drinker and someone who appreciates the art of artesenal beer making, I’m constantly on the search for new places that can placate my hops addiction.

First off we have our classic Buenos Aires bars that have made a name for themselves all in the name of good, artensal beer. These bars offer a wide variety of in-house brews that are served by the pint. Most have a happy hour special that is sure to make your after office filled with delicious malts, barleys, and hops.

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Best Craft Beers in Buenos Aires

Cerveza Artesanal Antares:
Now with 3 locations in Buenos Aires, this Mar del Plata beermaker has become a staple in the city’s beer scene. Offering 8 standard beers and typically a pair more of seasonal brews, Antares is sure to have your perfect pint waiting for you. Palermo: Armenia 1447; Las Cañitas: Arévalo 2876; San Telmo (New): Bolivar 491


(Perú 895, San Telmo)


I you like a more cocktail style bar with an atmosphere like Milíon, try Bangalore (Humboldt 1416, Palermo)

The Shanghai Dragon

(Aráoz 1199, Palermo): These 3 bars Gibraltar,Bangalore, The Shanghai Dragon all under the same owner, offer some great microbrews as well as some delicious comida. They’re styled after your traditional English pubs (the latter not so much) and are a great place to get together with some friends to enjoy a quieter evening with tasty beverages.

The Temple Bar:

Also now with 3 locations throughout the city, The Temple bar offers a wide range of domestic and international beers while also serving on tap their own in-house brew.
Palermo: Costa Rica 4677; Recoleta: Las Heras 1822; Centro: Marcelo T. de Alvear 945

Buller Pub & Brewing:
Taking the honor of Buenos Aires’ first microbrewery, Buller makes all their beer on site in their brewery situated right in front of the Recoleta Cemetery. After a hot summer day soaking in some of Argentina’s cultural sites, Buller makes for a great refuge with a cold craft beer.
Recoleta: Pres. R. M. Ortiz

Buena Birra Social Club:
Once a closed door, beer aficionados members only club, Buena Birra now welcomes the public with some really next level craft brews. A small operation, Buena Birra enjoys the ability to constantly adjust and diversify their beers with innovative tastes and styles.
Los Colegiales: Zapiola 1353

Burger Joint:
While not technically a bar, this burger restaurant offers something I think we’ll be seeing more and more of around the city – restaurants with good beer on tap. As of now, Burger Joint only has 2 beers on tap, but combined with an epic burger and fries, their Pale Ale washes everything down like a match made in heaven.
Palermo: Jose Luis Borges 1766

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If you’re at all like me, a stocked refrigerator of good beer is a necessity. However here in Buenos Aires your supermarkets are still a bit behind the times in terms of beer selection. What microbrews they have are pricey and limited to a few select domestic manufacturers. Enter Pinta Point: Cervezas Tiradas para Llevar (Tap Beer to Go). Now with two locations (Belgrano: Olleros 1693; Congreso: Hipólito Yrigoten 2201), Pinta Point offers an impressive selection of on-tap beers and a wide variety of bottled beer to go. As you stand in marvel of about 20 taps, you’ll notice Pinta Point has a unique system to deliver your beer to go. Using heavy duty plastic bottles, each beer has a special vacuum tap that fills your liter or half liter bottle while maintaining carbonation with little foam. The system is designed to keep your beer good for a week but lets face it, a week is more than enough time for that beer to disappear from the fridge. Pinta Point offers some really great beers like the Triple IPA, Honey Beer, Golden Ale, Bitter, Porter, and my favorite the Belgian IPA.

I’ll leave you with one last insight into the beer world of Buenos Aires: Organic Markets. I happily stumbled upon this discovery while visiting one of the organic markets that are springing up around the city. Alongside organic foods and products of all sorts, you’ll find some microbrews trying to get the word out about their beer. These scrumptious craft beers are bottled and ready for you to take home and most vendors have a tap or at least beer on ice to enjoy right away.

Now go support the economy and drink a local craft beer!

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