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Villa Devoto Neighborhood


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Devoto or Villa Devoto has a small town feel where everybody knows everybody. The Devoto market is very popular on Sundays. The plaza is the center of social activity and here you will find people of all ages enjoying a slower pace of life together. There are friends having a drink in the various cafes, couples enjoying an ice cream and a stroll, children playing games on the grass and groups of people doing exercise in the open air.

There is a real community feel in Devoto and if you asked, its people are sure to tell you how proud they are of their neighborhood. 

Devoto Market Credit Vamos Spanish Academy

Located at the far northwestern edge of Capital Federal and on the border of La Provincia, Villa Devoto is amicably known as ‘El jardín de la ciudad’, or the garden of the city, due to its quaint tree-lined streets. Being a low density residential suburb, you can count the number of high rise apartment buildings on just one hand.

Despite being seemingly so far away from el centro, Devoto is actually well served by public transport, having the San Martin train line with regular and reliable connections to the main subte network of the city. This makes it nice and easy to enjoy the best of both worlds of having the seclusion of a quiet suburb and the buzz of the big city. 

As a matter of fact, the area came to exist as a commuting town of Buenos Aires, originally called ‘Villa Gainza y Lynch’, because of this same train line and the inauguration of Devoto station in 1888.

The neighborhood was then named after the Count Antonio Devoto who acquired the majority of the land in the early 20th century. He was a member of the elite society of Buenos Aires who was given his title of Count by king Victor Emmanuel III of Italy. The Count used to own one of the largest mansions in Buenos Aires known as Devoto Palace, but he died before its completion and the building was demolished around 1940. There is still a monument of the man himself in the main Arenales Square.

Today, some of the biggest names to have come out of Villa Devoto include Diego Maradonna, whose family still call it home, and tennis star Gabriela Sabatini. The current Pope Francis of the Catholic Church also studied at the Jesuit Seminary of Villa Devoto in 1958.

Villa Devoto Highlights?

It is impossible to talk about Villa Devoto and not mention Heladería Monte Olivia, the ice cream shop which holds a special place in the hearts of all who know of it. A lot of people have grown up with Monte Olivia and they still remain faithful and unchanged to the what brought them success all those years ago. On a hot sunny day it is hard to imagine anything nicer than to refresh with an ice cream from Monte Olivia and take a relaxing wander through the plaza.

Monte Olivia Ice Cream Credit Vamos Spanish Academy
Monte Olivia Heladería – Buenos Aires Ice cream Credit Vamos Spanish Academy

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Another highlight of Devoto is Cafe de Garcia, which has been a neighborhood landmark since 1927. With its walls covered with old football and tango memorabilia, it’s as Porteño as a cafe can get and stepping through its doors is like taking a step back in time.

Credit Cafe Garcia
Cafe Garcia Credit Vamos Spanish Academy

In the south of the neighborhood you will find Devoto Shopping, a decently sized mall with many of the high street brands you are familiar with and a cinema if you feel like catching a movie. It’s a good place to have a walk around to spend an afternoon, with it also being located just next to Plaza Pablo Ricchieri to take a break if you need to give your wallet a rest!

Villa Devoto Peatonal

So here are just a few suggestions and insights into Villa Devoto to peak your interest. You can also Study Spanish in Buenos Aires and learn more about the city joining our Language School Vamos Spanish Academy. There are plenty of hidden gems and stories that you will discover on here in Argentina.

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