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How to Find Accommodation in Buenos Aires


Accommodations in Palermo

Where to live Palermo Buenos Aires

By Holly Stanley

If you’re thinking about studying Spanish in Buenos Aires or maybe if you’re just thinking about travelling to Buenos Aires, I’m sure you’ll be very curious about where to live once you’ve begun planning your Argentine adventure. Really, the whole city is your oyster, however I would recommend staying in Palermo. If you are studying at Vamos Spanish Academy living in Palermo will give you an easily walkable commute which is definitely the ideal way to start an intensive morning of Spanish classes. Whether you’re studying at Vamos Spanish or not, Palermo is always going to be the ideal Barrio in which to stay in due to its high volume of bars, cafes and nightclubs. There is always something exciting going on there and it is this vibrancy which makes it so popular with local porteños and extranjeros. Discover More About the Palermo neighbourhood

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Your Accommodation Options:

There are many options to suit all needs and budgets. So to be clear about what’s really the best option for you, we’re going to a little pros and cons section for each option.  

Home stay with an Argentine family:

This is an excellent option if you’re feeling adventurous and want full Spanish language immersion as well as an authentic Argentine cultural experience that would be impossible to create if you are living with non Argentines. You will most likely settle in very quickly and feel very much at home since Argentines are so welcoming and warm. A host family will introduce you to the many traditions that form a pet of Argentina culture, most likely some delicious food. You’ll also get a sense of what it is truly like to live in Buenos Aires as a Porteño, as well as really work on your Spanish.
stay with a family in palermo

Whilst this turned out to be a fantastic option as I consider my original Argentine host family from a few years ago to be like a second family here in Buenos Aires there could be a few downsides for a few people. Perhaps you would prefer to have a little more privacy, or live with people who can speak your native language.      

Renting a room privately:

The simplest way for me was to search through Airbnb as I liked that I could quickly see a few photos and some reviews, using Airbnb is always very simple. I was lucky to find a couple of students who I get along very well and who are happy to practise Spanish with me too. If you want to wait until you get here to find a room this is also option and may turn out slightly cheaper than Airbnb as you will be paying a local rate as opposed to a tourist rate. You may also meet some people once you arrive and choose to live with them. However as a downside it seems quite difficult to find a room here with short notice particularly without a DNI. Without a reasonable level of Spanish it will prove difficult to read through the adverts and respond to estate agents. Also it is a little frustrating to have to pay in cash each month as the cash machine (ATM) will only give you around AR$ 4000, which means multiple trips to the bank and many foreign transaction charges. You can also check and

To learn more about the best ways to use your credit and debit card check this blog:

Best Hostels in Palermo, Buenos Aires:

This is a fab option for the short term, often excellently located and well kept, hostels in Buenos Aires turn out to be a reasonable and easy option. You will be able to meet many international travellers like yourself and be able to have as varied a social life as you like. Downside is you probably won’t be practising Spanish.

Eco Pampa Hostel:

From USD $15
Address: Guatemala 4778

Right in the heart of Palermo, Eco Pampa Hostel is perfectly located for a night out or a day exploring. It has an awesome roof terrace that gives you a glittery view of Palermo’s surrounding sky scrapers. The kitchen is alright, but most likely you are going to be too tempted by all that Palermo’s restaurants offer instead of slaving in the kitchen. Rooms are comfortable are there is a good range of dorms and single rooms. It has more of a boutique hostel feel than a grimy backpacker den.

Art Factory

From USD $20 ( discount if more than 3 nights )
Address: Costa Rica 4353

Another great choice for a hostel would be the hip Art Factory hostel in Palermo Soho. Set in a beautiful old mansion building with exposed walls, it has a bar and even an art gallery. They try to hang plenty of art on the walls which gives the place a vibrant colourful feel. The bar definitely makes it more social, so if you’re up for meeting other travellers this would be a great place to do so. There are also some discounts they provide for nights out in the surrounding area.

Caravan Hostel

USD $22
Uriarte 1642

This is a boutique hostel in every sense of the word, it even has a pool! A small family run hostel, it has a homely feel. They seem to go out of their way to help travellers find events they may be interested in and even organise tango classes. It is very new, the interior is definitely more akin to a hotel than a hostel. Parrillas also take place in the garden giving a great opportunity to socialise and meet other travellers.

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