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Vegan and Vegetarian in Buenos Aires. Our Guide to Food and Restaurants


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In the land famed for its asado and tango, an astonishing 12% of residents in Buenos Aires now identify as vegetarians or vegans, establishing the city as an emerging champion of plant-based cuisine. Let this revelation be your compass as we navigate through the bustling streets of Argentina’s capital, where vegan restaurant food Buenos Aires is flourishing amidst the traditional parrillas. From the quiet cobblestone corners featuring quaint vegetarian eateries Buenos Aires to the vibrant avenues dotted with vegan-friendly restaurants Buenos Aires, this guide unearths a thriving food revolution. You’ll uncover not just the best vegan restaurants in Buenos Aires, but also a variety of spots serving up healthy food Buenos Aires that is as appetizing as it is conscientious.

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Immerse yourself in the culinary transformation where plant-based dining options Buenos Aires align with the spirited Argentinian lifestyle, and where meatless meals Buenos Aires are crafted with heart and respect for tradition. With every bite into sustainability, we celebrate ethical eating Buenos Aires while discovering sustainable food choices Buenos Aires. Embark on an epicurean journey where the cruelty-free dining experience Buenos Aires awaits, showcasing that compassion can indeed be delicious. Let’s toast with a glass of Malbec to the verdant food scene of Buenos Aires—a city where gastronomy and ethics deliciously intertwine.

The Rise of Vegan Culture in Buenos Aires: A Healthy Transition

The vibrant city of Buenos Aires, once famous for its asados and choripanes, is now experiencing a culinary renaissance as vegan culture buenos aires burgeons. In what can be described as a healthy transition, denizens and visitors alike are witnessing a significant uptick in vegan options buenos aires, symbolizing a larger, global shift toward conscious consumption. This metropolis is swiftly becoming an epicenter for plant-based lifestyles.

At the heart of this transformation is not only the variety of plant-based dining buenos aires establishments that have sprung up, but also the increased accessibility and creativity surrounding organic vegan dishes buenos aires. Supermarkets are now boasting aisles dedicated to cruelty-free products, while restaurants are swapping classic meat dishes for cruelty-free meals buenos aires, upholding both taste and tradition in a new, ethical light.

  • Eco-Conscious Movement: The shift towards veganism in Buenos Aires transcends dietary change, embodying an eco-conscious movement striving for a more sustainable and humane world.
  • Healthier Lifestyle: Incorporating a spectrum of fresh, nutritious ingredients, vegan cuisine buenos aires represents a pathway to a healthier lifestyle, one plate at a time.
  • Sustainability on the Menu: Whether it is upmarket dining or casual street food, the commitment to sustainable dining buenos aires is clear, with restaurant menus proudly flaunting green initiatives.

The embrace of a vegan diet is undeniably reshaping the gastronomic identity of Buenos Aires. What was once a niche has flourished into widespread acceptance, making the city a standout destination for those seeking a compassionate and green culinary adventure.

Argentine Grilled Vegetables – Credit Vamos Spanish Academy

Exploring Closed Door Restaurants: A Vegan Adventure

Buenos Aires, a city famed for its vibrant dining scene, is also home to an exciting subculture of closed door restaurants, offering a discreet yet unique vegan dining experience. These venues, nestled in the eclectic neighborhoods of the city, are redefining what it means to dine out with their intimate settings and innovative vegetarian meal options. Let’s take a closer look at one such establishment that’s capturing the hearts of vegans and food enthusiasts alike.

Discovering Jueves a La Mesa

Among the many hidden culinary treasures, Jueves a La Mesa offers a dining adventure that goes beyond the traditional restaurant walls. This establishment provides a communal table where guests can savor a carefully crafted Indonesian vegan menu. The ambiance is set in a warm and welcoming home, inviting diners to partake in a meal that’s as soulful as it is palatable. It’s here that you truly understand the essence of closed door restaurants in Buenos Aires.

The Perks of a Unique Dining Experience

The allure of these closed door culinary adventures lies in their exclusivity and personalized touch. Just imagine being served a series of dishes exploding with flavor, each one introducing you to a novel facet of eclectic vegan cuisine. It’s a chance to escape the bustle of the city and immerse yourself in a world where every bite tells a story. What could be a more unique backdrop to your vegan restaurant food Buenos Aires experience?

Indonesian Flavors in a Vegan Menu

Why settle for the ordinary when you can explore the exciting flavors of Indonesia, vegan-style? Jueves a La Mesa excels at incorporating authentic spices and herbs into their dishes, showcasing a vibrant palette of tastes that elevate the humble vegetarian meal in Buenos Aires to extraordinary heights. This confluence of traditional Indonesian cuisine and modern vegan sensibilities creates an unforgettable tapestry of tastes, exemplified in their rendang and sambal-laced creations.

A Guide to Vegan Restaurant Food Buenos Aires: Must-Visit Spots

As the demand for vegan-friendly cuisine Buenos Aires surges, the city’s restaurant scene has been quick to adapt, offering an array of locations renowned for their vegetarian restaurant Buenos Aires options. Navigating through the cobblestone streets, you’ll find that whether it’s a cozy café tucked away in a side street or a bustling bistro on a main avenue, healthy cuisine Buenos Aires options are both abundant and diverse.

The culinary innovation here manifests in the rich and varied vegan menus Buenos Aires has crafted. Each restaurant has its own way of interpreting classic dishes, infusing them with new, meat-free life. These reinventions are a sign of a city that’s wholeheartedly embracing meat-free dining Buenos Aires culture, showcasing the skill of local chefs in some of the top vegan eateries Buenos Aires has to offer.

Cuisine TypePopular DishesAmbience
Traditional ArgentinianEmpanadas, Milanesa “Napolitana”Family-style restaurants
International FusionQuinoa Taco Bowls, Seitan SteaksModern bistros
Raw VeganZucchini Noodles, Raw CakesChic, minimalist cafes

For those in search of a straightforward guide to finding the best vegan dining in the city, start with the heart of the art district for creative and flavorful dishes. Then move towards the historic neighborhoods for a taste of meat-free versions of Argentinian staples. Lastly, the upscale regions are sure not to disappoint with their gourmet vegan experiences.

  • Creative twists on local favorites
  • A diverse selection ranging from street food to fine dining
  • Opportunities to connect with like-minded diners

Vegan eating in Buenos Aires isn’t just about enjoying a meal—it’s about experiencing the culture and passion for life that Argentinians are known for, all within the bounds of ethical and sustainable culinary practices.

Embarking on the Plant-Based Journey: Palermo’s Vegan Scene

Palermo, a neighborhood known for its vibrant culture and trendy spots, has firmly rooted itself in the plant-based movement. The locality champions a diverse selection of vegan establishments, from eateries offering quick bites to those crafting gourmet plant-based meals, catering to a flourishing demand for compassionate and health-conscious dining.

Estilo Veggie: A Fast-Food Twist on Vegan Cuisine

Estilo Veggie redefines the notion of fast-food by infusing classic quick-service staples with a plant-based twist. Famed for its delicious range of legume-based burgers, Estilo Veggie provides the familiar satisfaction of fast-food without compromising on quality or ethics—an absolute must-try for anyone in search of a vegan fast-food twist in Buenos Aires.

Veganius: Taking Vegan Take-Out to the Next Level

Veganius prides itself on elevating the take-out experience with its array of flavorful options. Whether it’s the hearty vegan sandwiches, the sweet touch of decadent desserts, or the convenience of their well-curated daily menus, Veganius caters to the vegan take-out options in Buenos Aires seeking savor and convenience on the go.

Loving Hut: Argentinian Vegan Burgers and More

Loving Hut introduces patrons to a taste of Argentina with a plant-based twist. Crafting burgers from alternative proteins like soy, quinoa, and mushrooms, its menu exudes innovation while honoring traditional Argentinian flavors. This is where local cuisine and vegan ethics merge, presenting some of the finest Argentinian vegan burgers in Buenos Aires.

Plant-Based SpotSpecialtyWhy Visit?
Estilo VeggieLegume-Based BurgersFor a fast-paced, indulgent meal that satisfies the vegan palate.
VeganiusVegan Sandwiches & DessertsTo enjoy the convenience of vegan take-out without compromising on variety or flavor.
Loving HutArgentinian Vegan BurgersTo experience the fusion of authentic Argentinian flavors with innovative vegan twists.

Seeking Out Palermo’s Vegan Treats: From Fast-Food to Gourmet

Palermo, a district synonymous with flair in Buenos Aires, is ushering in a delicious revolution that caters to the discerning palates of vegan cuisine enthusiasts. Among the cobbled streets and vibrant murals, a hidden culinary treasure trove awaits—delivering Palermo vegan cuisine Buenos Aires is known for. Trendsetting restaurants and hidden eateries serve up an array of gourmet vegan dishes Buenos Aires residents and visitors adore, establishing a new norm in cruelty-free dining Buenos Aires is proud of.

Humita Argentina – Credit Vamos Spanish Academy

With a commitment to health and sustainability, spots across Palermo are dishing out some of the best vegan options Buenos Aires offers. From artisanal vegan bistros to bustling street-food stands, each bite is a testament to the vibrant possibilities of healthy vegan dishes Buenos Aires gastronomes rave about. The following table highlights notable offerings from Palermo’s esteemed vegan scene.

Dining ConceptSpecialtiesAtmosphere
Fast-Food ReinventedPlant-based burgers, Vegan pizza slicesCasual, Street-side
Gourmet VeganCreative tofu concoctions, Artisanal vegan cheese plattersElegant, Intimate
Health-Focused CafésSuperfood salads, Fresh-pressed juicesRelaxed, Modern
Eco-Conscious EateriesSeasonal vegetable plates, Sustainable sourced ingredientsEco-friendly, Conscious

These establishments reflect the essence of eco-conscious food Buenos Aires is leaning towards. Diners can savor the flavors knowing that their meal is good for them and kind to the planet. Whether it’s a quick vegan bite or a leisurely, elaborate dining affair, Palermo’s vegan scene delights with options that are as diverse as they are delicious.

  • Burger joints showcasing the very best of faux meats and dairy-free cheese
  • Fine-dining venues offering elaborate vegan tasting menus with international influences
  • Cosy cafés serving comforting, homemade vegan pastries and creamy non-dairy lattes

Palermo’s myriad of vegan delights caters to every craving, providing epicurean experiences that stand shoulder to shoulder with traditional dining establishments—truly a paradise for those who pursue a plant-based lifestyle without sacrificing culinary pleasure.

Finding Plant-Based Comfort Foods: Vegan Fast-Food in Villa Devoto

As the appetite for plant-based comfort foods in Buenos Aires swells, Villa Devoto emerges as a surprising hotbed for vegan fast-food enthusiasts. This quaint neighborhood has embraced a culinary revolution, offering enticing vegan versions of fast-food classics that promise both heartiness and healthiness. Munch on mouth-watering cruelty-free burgers, sink your teeth into savory vegan tacos, or enjoy plant-powered pizzas—all catering to a lifestyle that’s as indulgent as it is responsible.

Pizza Napolitana – Credit Vamos Spanish Academy

For those in pursuit of healthy vegan cuisine in Buenos Aires, Villa Devoto’s eateries stand out with their commitment to organic ingredients and sustainable practices. This district is not only about delighting the palate but also about aligning with ethical eating principles. Expect to find a medley of dishes that expertly marry the concept of sustainable meals with the sheer joy of casual dining.

Buenos Aires’ food scene is a testament to the city’s dedication to cruelty-free dining, and Villa Devoto is no exception. Patrons are becoming increasingly conscious not only of what they eat but also of the impact their choices have on the environment and society. This makes the neighborhood’s fast-food venues not just food stops but emblematic experiences of the broader shift toward conscious, organic eating in Buenos Aires.

  • Assorted Vegan Burgers – flavors range from black bean to quinoa
  • Vegan “Choripan” – a plant-based take on the Argentinian classic
  • Non-Dairy Milkshakes – a creamy delight without the guilt
  • Organic Salads – fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in generous bowls

Find your next plant-based indulgence in Villa Devoto, where sustainable never compromises on delicious, and where vegan fast-food goes hand-in-hand with a healthy lifestyle.

DishKey IngredientsHealth HighlightEco-Friendly Practice
Vegan Supreme PizzaWhole wheat crust, cashew cheese, seasonal vegetablesHigh in fiber and plant proteinsLocally-sourced produce, biodegradable packaging
Meat-less Meatball SubLentil-based meatballs, organic tomato sauceRich in iron and B vitaminsMeat-free, reduces carbon footprint
Coconut Bliss BowlCoconut yogurt, granola, fresh fruitBoosts gut health with probioticsVegan, supports sustainable farming

Pioneering Vegan Dining: Buenos Aires’ First Vegan Restaurants

The culinary landscape of Buenos Aires wears a new green badge of honor with the advent of its first vegan restaurants. Loyal to the essence of pioneering vegan dining in Buenos Aires, these trailblazing establishments have redefined meat-free gastronomy.

Green Factory: Large Portions and Fresh Fries

Amidst the bustling streets, Green Factory has earned its fame not only as one of Buenos Aires first vegan restaurants but also for dishing out hearty helpings that satisfy even the most ravenous of appetites. The restaurant’s signature large vegan portions BUENOS AIRES-style have become a beloved choice, ensuring that vegan fast-food doesn’t sacrifice size for quality. With their crisp, fresh fries, Green Factory demonstrates its commitment to fresh, organic produce and sets itself apart as a cornerstone of Buenos Aires’ vegetarian eateries.

Casa Nueza: Gluten-Free Vegan Delights

Meanwhile, Casa Nueza caters to a niche that craves both variety and attention to dietary needs, serving up gluten-free vegan delights Buenos Aires craves. It’s not just the exquisite almond milk that’s made onsite that sets Casa Nueza apart; it’s the restaurant’s unwavering dedication to creating an inclusive dining experience. Patrons rejoice in the flavorful options that bolster the organic food Buenos Aires landscape, marking Casa Nueza’s notable contribution to the city’s green dining revolution.

The Top Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Buenos Aires Offers

In the bustling streets of Buenos Aires, a city once famed for its steak, a vibrant vegan scene is flourishing, satisfying the cravings of plant-based eaters and eco-friendly food enthusiasts alike. The top vegan-friendly restaurants in this charismatic metropolis serve up an array of culinary delights that cater to the discerning tastes of both locals and tourists, proving that compassionate cuisine can be both varied and delicious.

Casa Munay’s Vegan “Picada” Experience

Among these esteemed establishments, Casa Munay stands out with its innovative vegan “picada.” A culinary concept traditionally comprising a spread of various light bites, picada at Casa Munay has been entirely reinvented for the vegan palate. Selections of sumptuous plant-based cheeses, savory mock meats, and a rainbow of fresh, local produce redefine this Argentine staple, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking the finest in vegan picada Buenos Aires has to offer.

Buenos Aires Verde: Organic and Raw Vegan Options

For those in pursuit of raw vegan options Buenos Aires doesn’t disappoint, with Buenos Aires Verde as a highlight. This eatery’s commitment to health and sustainability shines through their eclectic menu, featuring creative raw dishes packed with nutrients and bursting with flavor. By leveraging the power of organic ingredients and staying true to the natural rhythm of the seasons, Buenos Aires Verde presents a culinary experience that is not only kind to the environment but also a pleasure for the taste buds.

Artemisia: Perfect Spot for a Vegan Breakfast or Snack

When the morning cravings strike or when the afternoon calls for a cozy snacking spot, Artemisia answers with a vegan breakfast Buenos Aires can be proud of. The serene ambiance with its touches of greenery provides an idyllic setting for indulging in everything from hearty tofu scrambles to light, flaky pastries, all plant-based and lovingly prepared. At Artemisia, the fusion of organic vegan cuisine with a passion for artisanal quality creates a memorable dining experience for any time of day.

The establishments mentioned embody the spirit of innovation within the Argentine capital’s dining scenes. They showcase the endless possibilities of vegan cooking, inviting even the most traditional of palates to explore and enjoy the wonders of organic vegan cuisine Buenos Aires is becoming famous for.

Delving Into Eco-Conscious Food: Vegan Eats in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires’ culinary scene is embracing eco-conscious food choices, with a diverse spectrum of vegan eats that cater to both health and environmental impact. Among these, the gourmet offerings are drawing attention for their sophisticated fusion of flavors and commitment to sustainable eating. At the forefront is a venue that has earned a reputation for its luxury vegan dining.

Sacro: Gourmet Vegan Foods with Exotic Flavors

Sacro stands as a beacon for gourmet vegan foods in Buenos Aires, particularly for those with a palate for exotic flavors vegan cuisine. The attention to detail is palpable in each dish, from vibrant vegan plates to aromatic spice-infused creations, offering a culinary journey that is as conscientious as it is indulgent.

Buenos Aires’ Gourmet Vegan Cheese Selection at Sacro

Not to be overlooked is Sacro’s impressive array of gourmet vegan cheese, which rivals its dairy counterparts in complexity and taste. This handcrafted selection showcases the innovative strides vegan gastronomy has made, providing cheese aficionados with a sustainable option that doesn’t sacrifice quality or flavor.

Smoked Cashew CheeseRich and creamy with a smoky undertoneCashews, nutritional yeast, smoked paprika
Herbed Almond FetaA tangy twist on the Greek classicAlmonds, lemon juice, herbs de Provence
Spicy PepperjackSmooth cheese with a peppery kickCoconut oil, tapioca flour, jalapeños
Truffle Aged ParmesanA nutty cheese enhanced by truffle oilCashews, truffle oil, garlic powder

Vegan Guiso

It’s winter here in the so-called “Paris of the South,” and porteños, who are not cold-loving creatures, enjoy their comfort foods this time of year. Guisos, or stews, are a popular dish during these chilly days. Guiso de lentejas (lentil stew) is the most common vegetarian option, but maybe if you’re lucky you can find a place serving vegetarian Locro, another type of stew with origins in native Andean civilizations made with corn, beans, potatoes, pumpkin and unfortunately, usually some type of meat. Maybe this is a Carnivore’s Paradise!

Guiso Argentino – Credit Vamos Spanish Academy
  1. Veganius: Vegan Restaurant in Buenos Aires

Veganius is a take-out place that offers all kinds of vegan options: daily menus, different types of sandwiches, desserts and pastries, empanadas and salads. They have a special menu for Christmas and New Year: pan dulce (a sweet bread commonly made with candied fruit or nuts), meat roulade (rolled pork that’s been typically stuffed with steamed vegetables and egg) and vitel toné (sliced veal with a delicious mayonnaise caper and tuna sauce). You can also buy vegan cheese, milk, yoghurts, and other plant-based items for your pantry. We strongly recommend you try the croissant with almond cream and the vegan ham and cheese empanadas. If you pay in cash you’ll always have a discount. 

 Adress: Bonpland 2444, Palermo

  1. Loving Hut: Vegan Restaurant in Buenos Aires

If you want to try some amazing Argentinian vegan burgers this is the place to go. You can get burgers made with soy, quinoa, mushrooms, alongside vegan bacon. They also sell bondiola (grilled beef), lomitos (loins) and different desserts. It’s usually frequented by people who work around the area, so it’s got a more relaxed atmosphere. There are two locations to choose from: Palermo and Microcentro. If you bring your tupperware or cup, they’ll give you a discount. Loving Hut also has other venues across North America, Asia and Europe.            

Adress: Gorriti 4939, Palermo & Juan Domingo Perón 1319, Microcentro

  1. Futuro Veggie

Here you’ll find the best vegan “sanguchitos de miga”, a staple Argentine sandwich made out of the thinnest stacks of white bread loaves with different options for flavorings. You can choose between different varieties: ham and cheese, tuna, cheese and tomato and many others! The place also sells pizzas, nuggets of “not-chicken”, empanadas and milanesa sandwiches (the typical Argentine sandwich, but made with seitan meat, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise). We recommend you try the ham and cheese sandwich as well as the ham and cheese medialuna. The medialuna is a sweet pastry similar to a croissant. Futuro Veggie is a take-out place with two locations

 Adress: Montevideo 106, Congreso & Shop 65/66 in Bond Street Gallery, Barrio Norte

  1. Green Factory

Placed in the charming barrio of Villa Devoto, Green Factory is a vegan fast-food restaurant that was the first of its kind. It’s well known for its large portions and freshly made french fries -you can also ask for sweet potato fries-. 

They sell burgers, milanesa sandwiches, wraps, and choripan (you’ll want to share this last one with a friend).  It’s also a take out place but it’s near the Arenales square where you can sit on the grass or a bench and enjoy the outside view while eating.

Adress: Sanabria 4509, Villa Devoto

  1. Casa Nueza

Casa Nueza was created by two sisters (Agustina y Catalina Azcuy) in December 2020 after the first wave of Covid-19, they like to take care of the products from the beginning to your plate. Here you can find different types of lemonade, kombucha and gluten-free options. People’s favourites are sourdough toast with fermented cashew cheese, avocado, coriander and seasonal fruit, and Croissant with a Latte. You can also buy your almond milk to go.

Adress: Lavalleja 1373, Palermo

Price range: $$


  1. Casa Munay: Vegan and Vegetarian

Placed in a corner of Palermo, there’s a beautiful building covered with a climbing plant. Casa Munay it’s a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options. You can order vegan sushi or the generous “picada” that has falafel, potatoes, empanadas, hummus, vegetables in vinaigrette, bread, olives and home-made mayonnaise. If you don’t want to leave immediately, on the first floor they have a bookshelf with board games. Likewise Loving Hut, if you bring your tupperware you’ll get a discount. They also have outdoor tables and sell alcoholic drinks. 

 Adress: Gorriti 5996,Palermo

Price range: $$

  1. Buenos Aires Verde

Treat yourself to the culinary delights of Chef Mauro Massimo. Here you’ll find organic vegan and vegetarian dishes and also raw options. For Massimo, it is important to reconnect to seasonal products as well as to organic and agro-ecological products. The best options to try are tofu grilled Tiradito with oriental sauce. For dessert, you should order the raw seasonal fruit tart. The restaurant offers special smoothies with different health benefits and properties: antioxidant, revitalising, anti-cold. Buenos Aires Verde has two stores located in Belgrano and Palermo. 

Adress: Gorriti 5657, Palermo & Vidal 2226, Belgrano

Price range: $$

  1. Artemisia

This is a lovely place to have breakfast or a snack. Big dishes and a beautiful ambience with colorful plants hanging from the ceiling. Their menu is very diverse and has options from around the world such as the Mexican fajitas made with green split peas, zucchini, broccoli and caramelised onion. In addition, in Artemisia you can purchase vegan cosmetics, personal care products, decoration items and home-made bread.  They also offer organic options and outdoor seating. 

Adress: Costa Rica 5893, Palermo

Price range: $$

  1. Sacro

This is the place to find vegan gourmet food and exotic flavors. It’s a huge restaurant with a sophisticated aesthetic, which makes it the perfect spot for getting an after-office drink. The must-try dish of the place is the plate of matured cheeses: almond camembert, one made out of spirulina and another one made out of kimchi and cashews. It’s quite hard to find a good vegan cheese, but in Sacro you can find three of them.  Also, try out the delicious chocolate mini-tart with ice cream on the side.

Adress: Costa Rica 6038, Palermo

The gastronomic tapestry of Buenos Aires is experiencing a dynamic transformation towards plant-based eating, with the future of vegan dining in Buenos Aires looking more innovative and promising than ever. New waves of culinary innovations in Buenos Aires are creating a buzz, propelling vegan cuisine into the mainstream. Chefs and restaurateurs are pioneering inventive vegetarian dishes in Buenos Aires, extending well beyond traditional meat-free options and aligning with the global trend of sustainable eating.

The city is not just witnessing a revolution in the kitchen but also in its legal framework. Potential legal advances for vegan options in Argentina show a commendable recognition of changing consumer preferences and may soon mandate the inclusion of vegan selections on every restaurant menu. Such changes are a clear sign of progress, ensuring that veganism is accessible and an integral part of the dining culture. This reflects a larger societal endorsement of a lifestyle that prioritizes health, ethics, and the environment.

Looking ahead, a blossoming scene for meatless cuisine in Buenos Aires points towards a city where a plant-based menu in Buenos Aires isn’t merely a novelty but a new norm. This isn’t just a culinary trend but a shift in lifestyle choices and values, indicating a broad and deep-rooted acceptance that tastes great and is good for our planet. Whether it’s for health reasons, ethical concerns, or environmental sustainability, Buenos Aires is swiftly becoming an exemplar of how a city can embrace and promote vegan living.

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