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Best Vegan Restaurants in Buenos Aires, Argentina


vegan restaurants in buenos aires argentina

At first, there was some reluctancy in the Buenos Aires restaurant scene to accepting vegan food with open arms. After all, Argentina is a primarily agro-exporting country with a long tradition of meat consumption. Before, you could only buy vegan food from small businesses that cooked the meals themselves (which Argentinians call “emprendimientos”). Now, you can find all kinds of milk, including vegetable milk, at almost any supermarket, along with cookies, toppings, and vegan meat; this was especially so after the arrival of the brand NotCo in Argentina. There are a bunch of options, mainly located in the centric area of the city, where the vegan lifestyle continues to expand. So, without further ado, Here are 10 of the best vegan restaurants in Buenos Aires you don’t want to miss:

  1. Estilo Veggie: Vegan restaurant in Buenos Aires

It’s a beautiful vegan place that specializes in tasty vegan homemade fast-food. It’s located in the famous barrio of Palermo and has diverse options 100% plant-based: burgers made out of legumes, nachos with cheddar cheese or guacamole, hot dogs and even vegan choripan. You should definitely try the freshly made juices which are amazing: we suggest the apple and beet juice along with the Quinoa Mediterranean Salad.

Adress: Fitz Roy 1941, Palermo

Price range: $

  1. Veganius: Vegan Restaurant in Buenos Aires

Veganius is a take-out place that offers all kinds of vegan options: daily menus, different types of sandwiches, desserts and pastries, empanadas and salads. They have a special menu for Christmas and New Year: pan dulce (a sweet bread commonly made with candied fruit or nuts), meat roulade (rolled pork that’s been typically stuffed with steamed vegetables and egg) and vitel toné (sliced veal with a delicious mayonnaise caper and tuna sauce). You can also buy vegan cheese, milk, yoghurts, and other plant-based items for your pantry. We strongly recommend you try the croissant with almond cream and the vegan ham and cheese empanadas. If you pay in cash you’ll always have a discount. 

 Adress: Bonpland 2444, Palermo

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Price range: $

  1. Loving Hut: Vegan Restaurant in Buenos Aires

If you want to try some amazing Argentinian vegan burgers this is the place to go. You can get burgers made with soy, quinoa, mushrooms, alongside vegan bacon. They also sell bondiola (grilled beef), lomitos (loins) and different desserts. It’s usually frequented by people who work around the area, so it’s got a more relaxed atmosphere. There are two locations to choose from: Palermo and Microcentro. If you bring your tupperware or cup, they’ll give you a discount. Loving Hut also has other venues across North America, Asia and Europe.            

Adress: Gorriti 4939, Palermo & Juan Domingo Perón 1319, Microcentro

Price range: $

  1. Futuro Veggie

Here you’ll find the best vegan “sanguchitos de miga”, a staple Argentine sandwich made out of the thinnest stacks of white bread loaves with different options for flavorings. You can choose between different varieties: ham and cheese, tuna, cheese and tomato and many others! The place also sells pizzas, nuggets of “not-chicken”, empanadas and milanesa sandwiches (the typical Argentine sandwich, but made with seitan meat, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise). We recommend you try the ham and cheese sandwich as well as the ham and cheese medialuna. The medialuna is a sweet pastry similar to a croissant. Futuro Veggie is a take-out place with two locations

 Adress: Montevideo 106, Congreso & Shop 65/66 in Bond Street Gallery, Barrio Norte

Price range: $

  1. Green Factory

Placed in the charming barrio of Villa Devoto, Green Factory is a vegan fast-food restaurant that was the first of its kind. It’s well known for its large portions and freshly made french fries -you can also ask for sweet potato fries-. 

They sell burgers, milanesa sandwiches, wraps, and choripan (you’ll want to share this last one with a friend).  It’s also a take out place but it’s near the Arenales square where you can sit on the grass or a bench and enjoy the outside view while eating.

Adress: Sanabria 4509, Villa Devoto

Price range: $

  1. Casa Nueza

Casa Nueza was created by two sisters (Agustina y Catalina Azcuy) in December 2020 after the first wave of Covid-19, they like to take care of the products from the beginning to your plate. Here you can find different types of lemonade, kombucha and gluten-free options. People’s favourites are sourdough toast with fermented cashew cheese, avocado, coriander and seasonal fruit, and Croissant with a Latte. You can also buy your almond milk to go.

Adress: Lavalleja 1373, Palermo

Price range: $$


  1. Casa Munay: Vegan and Vegetarian

Placed in a corner of Palermo, there’s a beautiful building covered with a climbing plant. Casa Munay it’s a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options. You can order vegan sushi or the generous “picada” that has falafel, potatoes, empanadas, hummus, vegetables in vinaigrette, bread, olives and home-made mayonnaise. If you don’t want to leave immediately, on the first floor they have a bookshelf with board games. Likewise Loving Hut, if you bring your tupperware you’ll get a discount. They also have outdoor tables and sell alcoholic drinks. 

 Adress: Gorriti 5996, Palermo

Price range: $$

  1. Buenos Aires Verde

Treat yourself to the culinary delights of Chef Mauro Massimo. Here you’ll find organic vegan and vegetarian dishes and also raw options. For Massimo, it is important to reconnect to seasonal products as well as to organic and agro-ecological products. The best options to try are tofu grilled Tiradito with oriental sauce. For dessert, you should order the raw seasonal fruit tart. The restaurant offers special smoothies with different health benefits and properties: antioxidant, revitalising, anti-cold. Buenos Aires Verde has two stores located in Belgrano and Palermo. 

Adress: Gorriti 5657, Palermo & Vidal 2226, Belgrano

Price range: $$

  1. Artemisia

This is a lovely place to have breakfast or a snack. Big dishes and a beautiful ambience with colorful plants hanging from the ceiling. Their menu is very diverse and has options from around the world such as the Mexican fajitas made with green split peas, zucchini, broccoli and caramelised onion. In addition, in Artemisia you can purchase vegan cosmetics, personal care products, decoration items and home-made bread.  They also offer organic options and outdoor seating. 

Adress: Costa Rica 5893, Palermo

Price range: $$

  1. Sacro

This is the place to find vegan gourmet food and exotic flavors. It’s a huge restaurant with a sophisticated aesthetic, which makes it the perfect spot for getting an after-office drink. The must-try dish of the place is the plate of matured cheeses: almond camembert, one made out of spirulina and another one made out of kimchi and cashews. It’s quite hard to find a good vegan cheese, but in Sacro you can find three of them.  Also, try out the delicious chocolate mini-tart with ice cream on the side.

Adress: Costa Rica 6038, Palermo

Price range: $$$

Probably, as time goes by, more and more vegan places will open in Buenos Aires. In June of 2021, a draft law that required all restaurants to have at least one vegan and vegetarian option on their menu was sent to Congress. Sadly, the rest of the country is not so keen on offering vegan food to tourists, nor on cooking food that is suited for people who are gluten intolerant. It’s still quite hard to find vegan places to eat in Buenos Aires and more so in Argentina, especially in those cities that are less populated.

By Sol Rodriguez, Content Creator for Vamos Academy

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