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Tierra Santa in Buenos Aires


Tierra Santa

Tierra Santa. The Holy Land Theme Park of Buenos Aires

Among the many tourist attractions in Buenos Aires, the one really stands out on its own has to be Tierra Santa, the ‘Holy Land theme park’. As its name entails, It is a religious theme park about the story of Jesus.

Whenever someone learns about Tierra Santa, they all have very different types of reaction, from skeptical to indifferent to curious. As in for me, I was quite cynical but also very curious about it,  so I went with an open mind not knowing what to expect.

The park is set up as an ancient Jerusalem town, with life-size figures all over ‘acting’ out major events of the story, even the staffs are in costumes, including the ones sweeping leaves! I was quite impressed with their effort in creating an environment where you really feel like you got transported back to the ancient times. Other than the occasional scheduled shows, you are free to walk around and explore the town; go into houses, around the fence, up the hill etc. You’ll find chapters of the story reveal before you.

I honestly quite enjoyed myself at the park. I can’t say how others feel about it but me being a non-religious person, I think they did a great job objectively bringing the story of Jesus to life. They didn’t pretend to be something else, and not at any point I felt they were trying to convert me. Actually, they also have a mosque, synagogue and historical figures representing other beliefs. This would make a good educational experience for all ages, even for Spanish learning because everything was in Spanish, nothing was translated.

The day I went was on a typical Saturday, not many people were there and I was able to ‘roam around town’ at a leisurely pace. It somehow felt like a getaway from the buzzling city. However, if you go during Christmas times or Easter, there’ll be a lot more going on, like special live performances, fireworks etc. The experience would probably be a lot different from my tranquil one.

How to get to Tierra Santa?

A lot of people aren’t aware that Tierra Santa is actually in the city, so it’s easily accessible by taxi or bus. It’s located just north of Palermo, pass the domestic Newberry airport a little bit. Here is a website that will tell you what bus to take from where you are Como Llego

As we are heading into our looong weekend (Remembrance Day + Easter on March 24 and 25), probably there isn’t a whole lot going on in the city. Whether you are looking for something different to do or somewhere to get some Easter spirits, this place may just be interesting enough to make the trip! Check the city website for the agenda for Easter in Buenos Aires

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