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Peru Beach Acassuso Buenos Aires



Peru Beach The perfect escape on a sunny day in Buenos Aires

At this time of year the weekends in Buenos Aires are a prime opportunity to basque in the sun, however, if you are anything like me I struggle to last longer than half an hour under the sweltering heat. Whilst there are the lucky few that have access to a pool I presume that most of us do not have the privilege of relaxing on a sun lounger next to a cool vat of water. Furthermore, with temperatures of 30+°C summer in the city is not always pleasant and cravings to escape to a more tranquil setting come forth. Well, my solution: escape for a day trip to Peru Beach and here is why….

How to get to Peru Beach

Firstly, Peru Beach’s location makes it the perfect place for a day trip. Located in a suburb north of the city centre you get a feeling of being out of the city whilst only travelling for 40 minutes. You need to take the train from Retiro station to Tigre and get off at Acassuso, the suburb in which Peru Beach is located. Once you reach Acassuso hop off and you will find Peru beach is a 20 min walk from the station. The ‘beach’ is a complex: walking through you will see the huge sports hall where ice hockey is played, the enormous climbing wall and various pitches. Head straight on and you will see the wooden huts and decking looking out over the river Plate.

What to expect?

Once you arrive take a seat on one of the many benches or tables that face out onto the river or take a spot on the green. Grab a drink from the bar and relax. Take in the views and watch the assortment of people trying out the various activities on the water. If you feel like it even join in. (Keep on reading to find out about the various activities.) The river here plays a magical illusion on the eye because the water goes as far as you can see. Making you feel like you are at a beach bar by the sea. To top it off there is a good restaurant for those of you that want to grab some food, snacks or an ice cream. Towards the evening the social scene gets bustling and often they have live music playing.

What activities are on offer?

For those of you that are looking for something more than a day of relaxation Peru Beach is home to a school of water activities: kite surfing, windsurfing and stand up paddling.

Kitesurfing lessons, don’t be shy they offer courses for beginners that last for 3 hours. In these classes they introduce you to the theory behind kitesurfing and teach you the basic moves. Levels from then on progress upwards and for the more experienced you can have personalised lessons.

Windsurfing has three courses: a simple 3 hours for the beginner, 5 hours for the intermediate and finally for those of you that want a full day’s activity they have a complete windsurf course lasting 8 hours.

Stand up paddling, we’ve all seen the numerous Instagram photos of various celebrities doing this trending sport, well now it’s your turn. Make all your friends and family at home jealous as you take a class or a course in stand up paddling.

I would recommend making a reservation before you go especially if you are interested in the longer courses. The number to ring is: 4798-2642.

Whilst I am not trying to claim that Peru Beach is its equal, I do think there is a certain essence of it that draws comparisons to the Hamptons. It’s an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre to a more tranquil setting where you can find your inner serenity. So, next weekend grab some friends and head on over!

Address: 1600, Perú 1502, Acassuso, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Website – http://peru-beach.com.ar/

For more information about Peru Beach contact our Spanish School in Buenos Aires or visit us at Viamonte 1516, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Vamos Spanish Academy https://vamospanish.com +54-11-5984-2201  +1-888-808-1242

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