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Malta Salta


malta salta

There was this quaint ‘fast food‘ joint a few blocks away that I’d always pass by but never ventured into. It was always bustling with people, so curiosity got the better of me the other day, and I decided to give it a shot.

When I mention ‘fast food’, I’m not referring to the typical western fare of burgers and fries, but the Argentine style – the empanada way. To my astonishment, this compact place, with seating snugly fitting 10 patrons, boasts more than ten varied types of both al horno (oven-baked) and frita (fried) empanadas, alongside a plethora of regional Argentine delicacies like pastel de choclo, locro, tamales, mondongo and so on. The culinary excellence here is something I plan to dive into in future writings, but today, I’m keen on sharing an unexpected find from this place: a non-alcoholic malt beverage hailing from Salta!

Now, I’ve had my fair share of malt beers before and I bet you have too, yet encountering plain cold malt served in a beer-esque bottle was a first for me! Curious about the taste? It carried the robust flavor of a strong malt beer sans the beer/yeast essence. The texture resembled that of a thick Guinness beer but minus the gas and bubbles. The lingering sweet aftertaste was noteworthy. However, after some sips, the sweetness, albeit pleasant, became a bit overbearing, turning the beverage somewhat hefty to finish. The lady at the counter shared her fondness for it when I mentioned it was a tad much for me. It dawned on me; it’s one of those acquired tastes that gradually grows on you. It piqued my curiosity – is it usually enjoyed straight or do they blend it with something? An investigation is in order!

  • Engaging with Locals: Initiating conversations with the locals about their preferences not only opens up avenues for cultural exchanges but also often leads to delightful discoveries like Malta Salta.
  • Exploration of Local Cuisine: The plethora of regional dishes offered at the joint presents a fantastic opportunity to delve into the rich culinary traditions of Argentina.
  • The Tradition of Malt Beverages: A deeper look into the tradition of malt beverages in Argentina could unveil a fascinating history and the special place Malta Salta holds in it.
  • Mixology Adventures: The quest to find the perfect blend or mix to complement Malta Salta could be an exciting narrative, showcasing the experimental spirit of the Argentine people.

Also, I can’t help but highlight that these kinds of unanticipated yet wonderful discoveries truly brighten my day! So, why not come and immerse yourself in Spanish Lessons in Argentina, and who knows, you might stumble upon your own delightful discovery!

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