December 3, 2009 ·

Malta Salta


malta salta

There was this little ‘fast food’ joint a couple blocks away which I always pass by but never went in. It was always packed with people, so the other day, I decided to try it out.

When I said ‘fast food’, I didn’t mean the western-style burgers and fries, I meant the Argentine empanadas way. To my surprise, this little place, which can tightly snug in 10 seated eating patrons, not only offers over ten different types of both al horno (oven-baked) and frita (fried) empanadas but also all kinds of regional Argentine dishes like pastel de choclo, locro, tamales, mondongo etc. While the food was excellent and I’ll discuss all those aforementioned yummy food items one day in the future, I actually want to talk about this other even more surprising found in this place: a non-alcoholic malt drink from Salta!

Clases Ingles con Profesores Nativos


I have malt beer before and I’m sure you have too, but just plain cold malt in a beer-like bottle, that has to be the first! What does it taste like you may ask? It tasted just like a strong malt beer but without the beer/yeast taste. Texture is thick like Guinness beer but no gas no bubbles. The sweet aftertaste also lingers. After a while, it did get a bit too sweet (in a malt way) and too heavy that I couldn’t finish it. The lady at the shop said she loves it when I told her it was too much for me. It is probably one of those acquired tastes that you just have to keep consuming it and it’ll grow on you kind of thing. I wonder how do they drink it usually, just straight or could mix it with something? Time to investigate!

Also I have to mention that it is this kind of unsuspecting-turn-wonderful discovery that always makes my day!

Donde tomar una cerveza artesanal?

Where To Enjoy a Pint of Craft Beer in Buenos Aires

More info:
Para mas informacion visitanos en Viamonte 1516, CABA, Argentina

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