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Independent Film Theaters in Buenos Aires


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While it’s always fun to check out the latest blockbuster, sometimes it’s a good idea to mix things up and try something different and that will take you off the beaten path. Here’s a list of some local independent film theaters located within Buenos Aires to check out whatever they might have to offer:

1) Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA) has a film program known as Espacio Incaa where a few theaters showing amazing independent films in different spots in the city:

Cine Gaumont – At the time of publication, this theater has been temporarily closed in order to preserve and recondition the building. This cinema has moved into Microcentro, to the Cine Monumental (Lavalle 836) for the time being.

La Máscara (Piedras 736, Monserrat) – The other Espacio Incaa theater showing a variety of independent films.

2) Cines Arteplex – This is the first art film chain in Argentina, dedicated to showing the best independent films and creating an alternative to the commercial movie theater chains. They have four theaters at four different locations, all showing independent films (each theater typically shows the same films):

Arteplex Caballito (Av. Rivadavia 5050) – While this still appears on the website, it closed after 9 years in 2010.
Arteplex Centro (Diagonal Norte 1150/56 – Corrientes 1145)
Arteplex Del Parque (Cuenca 3035)

3) Arte Multiplex Belgrano (Av. Cabildo 2829) – Once part of the Cines Arteplex and in was closed for approximately 8 months during 2012, but reopened as part of a larger company, Cines Multiplex, in 2013. It’s still dedicated to showing independent films.

4) Cosmos UBA (Av. Corrientes 2046) – This theater is run by the University of Buenos Aires, and each week they post their different films and times.

5) Cine en Teatro San Martín (Av. Corrientes 1530) – Located in the famous and historical Teatro San Martín, this small theater shows unique films and collections that you may not find elsewhere..

6) MALBA Cine – A part of the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, this Cinema has its own film library that receives contributions from various sources, including exchange with institutions dedicated to the rescue and preservation of film.


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