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Important Spanish Words that All Students Should Know



In order to learn Spanish you will need to study vocabulary, grammar, spelling, expressions, intonation and many other aspects of the language that you will certainly learn in our Online Spanish classes. The tips to learn Spanish below will help you a lot.

Although vocabulary may be insufficient by itself , it is very important as it can save you to get through some bad situations. Many times, with just one word, a person can understand what you’re trying to express.

Here is our basic list of Spanish words that every student needs to know:

1. Gracias: thanks

2. Cerveza: beer

3. Día: day

4. Gustar: to like

5. Nosotros: we

6. Tomar: to drink

7. Grande: big

8. También: also

9. Hola: hello

10. Llevar: to carry (or to wear)

11. Por favor: please

12. Ahora: now

13. Trabajar: to work

14. Conocer: to know

15. Pensar: to think

16. Encontrar: to find

17. Donde: where

18. Otro: other

19. País: country

20. Saber: to know

21. Bien: good (or well)

22. Boliche: disco (or nightclub)

23. Noche: night

24. Mate: it has no translation in English, it’s the classic drink which almost every argentinian drink

25. Siempre: always

26. Chico: small

27. Salir: to leave

28. Hora: hour

29. Cuando: when

30. Amigo(s): friend(s)

31. Comer: to eat

32. Mucho: much

33. Entender: to understand

34. Nuevo: new

35. Decir: to say

36. Mujer: woman

37. Escuchar: to listen

38. Todo: all (or every)

39. Ver: to see

40. Amar: to love

41. Leer: to read

42. Chau: goodbye


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