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Essential Apps In Buenos Aires Argentina


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Useful apps to make the most of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a metropolitan, energetic, diverse, and seductive city. It is a capital on a grand scale, though it can be a little complex and even daunting for the unprepared.

Fortunately, almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone sat in their pocket which can be a huge untapped source of knowledge allowing you to eat, navigate, shop, dance, socialize, speak and enjoy Buenos Aires like a true Porteño.

Here are some of the best and most useful free apps available to you, to make sure you make the most of what the city has to offer.

Apps for Food in Buenos Aires

One of the first things that come to mind when you think of Argentina (after Lionel Messi) is probably food. But how do you know which parrilla does the best asado? Or where to get the best facturas to enjoy your merienda?

Guía Oleo

Guía Oleo, along with its companion website, provides a comprehensive guide to eating out in Buenos Aires. With reviews from both extranjeros and locals, you will be able to search by name, food type, location, rating and price.


Similar in function to Guía Oleo but seemingly more preferred by the locals, Restorando often has impressive discounts available to you on local restaurants and bars. Restorando also has listings in Chile, Brazil, Mexico and more.


As if it were possible to be too lazy to eat out… (yes, it happens to the best of us). What is great about PedidosYa, if you are still nervous about having to order in Spanish, is that you can skip the hassle and with a few taps, you can satisfy your hunger by having food delivered straight to your door.

Transport Apps in Buenos Aires

Navigating the complex web of the subte and colectivo network can be a headache at first. But, once you get the hang of it, you will be so happy to be able to avoid sitting in traffic and paying expensive taxi fees. These apps will get you on your way (literally).

BA Cómo Llego

More than likely the first app you will be recommended to use when you realise that Google Maps just ain’t going to cut it here. Input your starting point and destination and BA Cómo Llego will provide the best routes, be it via subte, colectivos, train, car or foot, as well as estimated travel times.
Alternatives for more in-depth information on particular means of transport include BA Subte, Trenes en Vivo and Waze.

BA Eco Bici

Biking in the big city can seem daunting and maybe a little bit dangerous, but in recent years Buenos Aires has slowly been transforming into a more cycle-friendly city. BA Eco Bici guides you through the growing network of bike lanes and to the nearest pickup and drops off spots to make cycling in Buenos Aires a breeze.


The post night out text to let your friends know you have arrived home safely is obligatory for many in Buenos Aires. Companion takes this one step further, allowing you to reach out to friends, family and even the police, to have them keep an eye on you as you travel late at night.

Entertainment & Culture Apps

There’s always something to do in Buenos Aires, anytime, any day of the week. You might want to enjoy a milonga on Tuesday night or a pillow fight in Bosques de Palermo on Saturday afternoon, and blend in like a local while you are at it.

BA Agenda Cultural

Here you have all the information you need about the public holidays, works, exhibitions, shows, recitals and social activities of Buenos Aires, organised by location and interest. You can highlight any event which peaks your interest to be added to your calendar so you will never miss a thing.

Porteño Spanish

Porteño Spanish is the dialect of Castellano spoken in Buenos Aires and surrounding areas of the Rio de la Plata. But what are the differences between this and generic Spanish spoken in the rest of Latin America? Here you can learn native words and phrases like ‘’Quilombo’’ or the classic ‘’Che, boludo’’, and how to sound like a local in no time.

Hoy Milonga

A Milonga is a social spectacle, a fiesta of tango, the traditional ballroom dance of Argentina. You can’t come to Buenos Aires and not have experienced one. Hoy Milonga keeps you up to date with where and when the best Milongas are taking place each and every day throughout the city.

Financial Apps for Argentina

With all these things to do, you might find it troublesome to manage your finances in the city. Upon this, the changing value of the peso is something to bear in mind, and always a topic of conversation among locals. So make sure to keep on top with the following:


One of the best free solutions to managing your spending and seeing exactly where your money goes. Set your budget and plug in your expenses as you go and Spendee will provide helpful notifications and easily readable information such as pie charts, graphs and more.

Mercado Libre

You might have been missing the convenience of Amazon or eBay, but the Latin American equivalent of the online marketplace is Argentina’s most popular e-commerce site.

XE Currency Exchange / DólarYa

In a world of digital and online payments, cash is still king in Buenos Aires and Argentina. Stay on top of the fluctuating exchange rate of the Peso with DólarYa (the app of choice for the locals), or manage multiple currencies with XE Currency Exchange.


There is certainly not a lack of choice on the various app stores, and maybe you know of a hidden gem which has so far gone unnoticed. So if there are any other apps which you feel deserves a mention then share it in the comments section below! For more information about Spanish Schools Buenos Aires contact Vamos Spanish Academy or visit us at Viamonte 1516, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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