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Buenos Aires to Colonia: Things you Need to Know



Tips for your trip from Buenos aires to Colonia + FAQ


What Time Should I Arrive at the Buquebus Ferry Port?

Your ticket says 2 hours but I think 1 hour before your boat departs is a sufficient amount of time. Don’t forget this is an international trip with queues for immigration

Buquebus and Seacat Address?

The Buquebus, Seacat and Colonia Express ferries leave from Av. Antártida Argentina 821, Puerto Madero. This is quite close to the very centre of Buenos Aires. It’s a 20-minute taxi ride from Palermo.

*** The Colonia Express goes from Av. Elvira Rawson de Dellepiane 155, Puerto Madero Sur, which could be a 20-minute drive away so make sure you know which company you’re going with!

Arriving in Colonia?

You don’t need to get any taxis or buses into town, simply walk directly out of the port and up the street and turn left. You should walk straight into the town centre in around 10 mins.

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Best Ferry Company to go to Uruguay?

There are 3 companies that go to Uruguay, Buquebus, Seacat and Colonia Express. They are all roughly the same cost (as long as there isn’t a huge change in demand like during holiday season).

Colonia, Stay Overnight or Day Trip?

I would say it’s possible to do it in a day because I feel like there simply isn’t enough things to do in Colonia to stay overnight. But many Argentinians think coming back at 9 pm isn’t good because you miss dinner and apparently Colonia is beautiful at night.

Average Ferry Price to Colonia?

Roughly $60USD each way for the fast ferry

How to pay in Colonia, Do I Change Money?

They accept Argentine pesos, US dollars and Euros. You can often change your money on the boat but I don’t think this is necessary. Credit and Debit cards are accepted everywhere.

How Long is the Trip from Buenos Aires to Colonia?

***Rough timetable, it may change seasonally***

All three ferries:

BA to Colonia at 8 am, noon and 6 pm



08:30 am, 11:00 am and last ferry 18:55


08:30am, 09:30am, 12:00pm,  last ferry 18:00


08:30am, 09:30am,  18:00 last ferry 20:30

Make sure you check online to see if the timetable has changed.

Timetable? Colonia back to BA?

Colonia back to BA at 10 am, 4 pm and 9 pm



09:01 am,  17:01 and last ferry 19:45


07:00am, 10:15am, 16:01pm,  last ferry 19:45


07:45am, 16:01 18:45 last ferry 19:45

Make sure you check online to see if the timetable has changed.

What to Eat in Colonia: Top Picks!

Breakfast: Ganache Café & Pastries

Lunch: Gitana Gastrobar

Dinner: El Buen Suspiro

Visa to Uruguay:

Don’t forget if you go to Colonia you can renew your tourist visa because you’ve technically travelled abroad.

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