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How to Renew your tourist visa in Buenos Aires Argentina


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As an american with his 90 day tourist visa running out I started to stress on how to extend this. After googling and failing to find time for a trip to colonia I found the best option was to deal with the Dirección Nacional De Migraciones. My Spanish in this first 90 day period improved but not nearly enough to be confident taking on this system, that so many others said was very tedious and more complicated than it should have been. I spent a few hours googling and found a few different websites giving instruction on how to do this but they were all a few years dated and upon trying it on my own I found that the system changed enough to warrant the help of a friend for my second journey in 2 days.

What you need:

  • Valid passport
  • Renewal tax; $ 600 (pesos).
  • A copy of your passport, the page with your photo on it. I got asked for a copy of the page my first visa stamp was on, but this is unnecessary. (pretty sure the attendant I got was just lazy and did not want to copy it himself. But he had to, because I did not have it)

Getting to Dirección Nacional de Migraciones (Argentina Immigration)

I found that the easiest way to get there was by Subway (subte). I took linea C to retiro station (last stop on the C line going north/northeast). When you get off walk through the park to San martin take a left and cross some train tracks and take a right on Avenida Antártida Argentina (there is usually people selling empanadas and other random stuff along this street) the Dirección Nacional De Migraciones is on the left so cross the road. I highly recommend looking up the way before going… At the entrance there is a gate to the parking lot to the right and a covered street to the left. If you are confident in Spanish ask the guard at the gate where to go as they may have changed it, but if you are not I will do my best to guide you. To the left of this guarded gate to the parking lot is a building running parallel to the Avenida you walked down, walk down this building until you get to building (edificio) 3. There should be someone standing outside that will ask you for your passport and what you want to do (Extend your tourist visa for 90 more days). He will tell you to go to a certain line, I got pointed into the first line that was shorter and had other gringos. Now you are in and it is pretty straightforward what to do after this if you pay attention, but i will explain more of what I did.

Once you have waited and get to the window you will have to tell the attendant what you want to do again (Extend your visa for 90 more days) he will look at your passport and give you a number with a letter and tell you to go to building (edificio) 6. This will be a large stone building behind building 3 on the other side of a park. Once in this building there is about 20 windows but only 3-4 with the letter that´s on your ticket. You can go up to these windows if there is no one there and ask if you are in the right place and then you wait until your number is called.

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Once called explain what you want to do again. He will take your passport and copy of your passport and give you a receipt. You have to take this receipt to another window at the other end of the building and pay your 600 pesos (only cash). They will give you a receipt and take that back to your attendant. Your attendant might be processing another visa so wait until he calls you and present your receipt. He will give you your passport back and you´re done!

Well it went like that for me it will probably change depending on the day but probably not by much. I would highly recommend getting there at 8 if not earlier to avoid crazy lines. Translate a few words and research how to get there and other tips to make this a bit easier. You can only extend your visa once after your first 90 days. If you wish to stay longer than 180 days you will have to leave the country and come back (I suggest colonia express). Once you arrive back in the country you can extend your visa again after your new 90 day tourist visa expires. I found that this way was cheaper than going to colonia but that might change as argentina raises the prices of everything often.

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