November 21, 2017 ·

Americans, Canadians and Australians visitors no longer have to pay to enter Argentina


Visa info

Reciprocity Visa for Americans, Canadians and Australians 

Reciprocity Visa fee is no longer required!

For years the Argentine government has been charging Americans, Canadians and Australians visitors a fee of US$160 for entering Argentina, this was called ”reciprocity fee”, due to the fact that the Argentine people have to pay when applying for an American, Canadians and Australian tourist visas”.
The Argentine National Immigration Agency or Dirección Nacional de Migraciones has issued through Law / Disposition 589/2016 that effective immediate the Reciprocity Fee will no longer be applicable for American Citizens, Canadian Citizens and Australian Citizens Passport holders entering Argentina. This is clearly the beginning of a new era between Argentina  USA/Canada/Australia relations and without a doubt it will increase tourism between this two nations.
United Stated of America, along with Canada and Australia were the only 3 major countries asking for Visas to Argentinian Citizens.
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