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Best Cafes in Buenos Aires Argentina



7 Cafes in Buenos Aires you need to Visit

Wherever you are in the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires offers you a director seat a walking distance away. Thanks to the limitless number of coffeehouses, you can experience the taste of an impressively diverse culture that never fails to give you a bit of its own. The rich taste of the country, those who opened the coffeehouses and those who visited them hangs around and touches you one way or the other.

Here you can find a list of the top coffeehouses in Buenos Aires

Café Tortoni

On the line of fin de siècle coffeehouses, Café Tortoni stands up to its reputation as a world class café. It takes pride in being the “favorite haunt of the cultural elite”; after all, Lorca, Einstein and Borges were its visitors from another time. The stage hosting tango, jazz and poetry gives you the feeling that you are about to unleash the creative in you. Be it the ambience, the coffee or the live shows, visiting Café Tortoni is a must.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid

A former theatre that has been transformed into a huge bookshop then comes to the scene. El Ateneo Grand Splendid is splendid indeed. The stage curtains, ornate carvings and lighting of the auditorium still remain to take you back to great performances. When you can’t have enough of books but need a break, you can always retire to the once- a -stage backside café.

The Birkin coffeehouse

Along the vintage lines, the Birkin coffeehouse is a soothing place to enjoy a cup of coffee while surrounded by a very friendly staff. The coffee roasters of Portland are reflected in the surroundings, where the artwork, quality service and good coffee are sure to boost your spirits.

La Biela

The iconic La Biela in the center of Recoleta, a coffeehouse that dates back to the 50s, used to be the hangout of the renowned Casares and Borges. If you look closer you can see the photos shot by Casares hanging behind the bar. La Biela was also the hangout of Formula One champ, Fangio.

Las Violetas

Whether you’re passing by to grab a quick coffee or staying to read, take timeout or have a bite, Buenos Aires cafés leave you with a sense of fulfillment and clarity on what you’re doing next. Las Violetas is yet another classic coffeehouse. Waiters in white jackets, stained glass and carpeted floors perfectly match the Corinthian columns. The sense of the place is matched with strong bitter espresso, a rare taste in Buenos Aires.
Microcentro café

It may seem that one ambience eclipses the Argentinian capital; yet, every coffee house you visit takes you to another place. The city has a full range of coffeehouses. Those into modernity are not to miss Microcentro café. The hangout of executives, politicians and media figures makes it perfect for a high-paced lifestyle where one can get a cup of coffee right before heading to work.

Lab café

If you want more, you can always make it to Lab café. Designed to look like the lab of a mad scientist, this coffeehouse serves a coffee that is produced to satisfy. Be it work or hangout, Lab café is a great spot to enjoy good coffee, music and a pleasant atmosphere.

Tea Connection

And if you’re an Englishman in New York, there’s a place for you too. Tea Connection offers a wide range of loose-leaf teas and healthy food. With branches all around the city, an infusion is not to be missed.
Remember the times when you felt out of control. Well, not anymore. Buenos Aires offers you the seat of a movie director in a full range of coffee houses scattered across the city. There you can be close enough to listen to the city’s heartbeats, yet far away to fly with your thoughts.

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