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Beaches Near Buenos Aires


map of beaches

When you look at a map and find Buenos Aires, you’ll see that it is located right next to the water, and that usually causes two misconceptions: One, seasfood must be consumed regularly, which you can read more about the typical Argentine diet here; and two, there must be a beach in Buenos Aires.

For the latter, the disappointment is totally understandable when you can see the water right there, but no beach. The water, in fact, is the Río de La Plata. Some cities on Uruguay coastline also share the same river, like Colonia and Montevideo. Even though they have some ‘beach-like’ shores, they are not considered as real beaches. So where can you go if you want to lay down on a real sandy beach and soak in the oceanic water? Since we got this question all the time from our students, we have decided to create a simple map showing all the recommended beaches easily accessible from Buenos Aires. (See Below)

Before you head off to one of these places, remember that the weather is significantly cooler in the south, even though they are only a few hours away. That is why many Argentines, especially those from Buenos Aires and the north, vacation there during the hottest summer months (January and February). If you want to avoid the high prices and huge crowds, March is still a good and warm month to go to any of the beach locations. The downside is that you may find not all the businesses or services are available in the off season.

Here is the Beaches Near Buenos Aires map (Click image to enlarge):



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