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How Much Do You Know About Buenos Aires?


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Whether you are just starting to research about travelling to Buenos Aires or you are already here, give these 2 quizzes a shot and find out how much you already know or not about Buenos Aires! They are by no means difficult but it’s a fun way to learn more about this fabulous city and let the answers become your visit guide since they cover some of the key historical sites and local cultural icons which you should not miss while you are in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Quiz by National Geographic (No need to register, just click ‘I’ll register later’ in the right top corner to proceed.)

Mi Buenos Aires Querido Quiz by Fun Trivia (No sign in required.)

If you are intrigued to find out more about some of the topics mentioned in the quizzes, here are some extra and interesting info:

National Geographic quiz:
• Answer to #2 – A video about the Church of Maradona. Yes, you read it right, there’s a church created under his name, and yes he is their god of football, and yes, you need to be baptized to be part of it. Watch it here.

• Answer to #6 – A little more on our gorgeous opera house and its official site link.

• Answer to #7 – One of our most convenient means of public transport and definitely learn how to navigate the city by bus. Note that the bus fare has gone up earlier this year, they are currently AR$2.50 – AR$2.85 per trip if travel within the city limits and paid with the SUBE card. You can also pay with coins if you don’t have the card, but the fare will be double the indicated.

• Answer to #9 – You probably didn’t get this right, did you? Read more about the National Sport of Argentina here.

Fun Trivia quiz:
• Answer to #8 – If you are down on luck, it won’t hurt to follow this Argentine tradition on the 29th!

• Answer to #9 – Make sure you read these guides to help you with which cut to order and how to order them when you find yourself at one of the Buenos Aires steakhouses.

• Answer to #10 – A brief Argentine historical background on the formation of this group of brave women.


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