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Bar Breakdown – Drinking in Buenos Aires.


Drinking guide in buenos aires

Your day-by-day guide to drinking in Buenos Aires.


Buenos Aires has earned the nickname “La ciudad que nunca duerme” (as opposed to the American “City that never sleeps”, New York). Every day of the week there’s something fun happening that is sure to engage you in the night life. From small local live music bars, to concerts, to some of the biggest clubs here there’s something going on every night of the week.

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La Bomba del Tiempo: La Bomba is an all percussion show. It’s a good time if you’re looking for something to do on a Monday “not too late” (7-10pm, which really is subjective because argentina can have some very late nights). While they almost always have shows on Mondays, they sometimes will have shows on the weekend, or during holidays. La Bomba del tiempo is made of 17 percussionist who are conducted by Santiago Vasques. The music is a fusion Central American and African rhythms. The venue is really nice too, it takes place in an old oil-cooking factory and isn’t usually too overly crowded with reasonably priced drinks. A must-see while in the area!


Mundo Lingo: I’m huge advocate of Mundo Lingo. On Tuesdays it takes place at Temple Bar, close to downtown. You walk into the bar and the volunteers ask you which languages you speak and you get a sticker with a flag on it to represent the languages you speak. People grab a beer, and go around and chat with people wearing the stickers of the languages they want to practice. Mundo Lingo is an event all around the world in various cities. It’s a wonderful intercambio with a very chill vibe for any language you might speak. What you get out of the intercambio is what you put in. If you go and aren’t trying to speak Spanish, you really don’t have to. But if you go and start up a conversation in Spanish, chances are people will be more than happy to let you practice. Mundo Lingo also happens Wednesdays and Fridays.


Terraza del Este: This bar is known for it’s after office party (an earlier party on a weekday) on Wednesdays. The Terraza bar is an amazing venue: it’s very modern and sophisticated with a big outdoor area. There’s lots of room to dance indoors and even places to dance outdoors. The place is incredibly spacious and has a nice view of the river. It’s a nice way to unwind and celebrate that you’re half way through the week.

Jazz at El Universal : This is a hidden little bar where local musicians play Blues or really any acoustic type music. It has a somewhat underground feel because it’s not very noticeable from the outside — it’s a little door on a sidestreet. But when you go through the door you’re in a nice courtyard with a little stand that sells beer, wine and some drinks. To the right there is another door that leads to a stage where people different bands perform every Wednesday. Pro tip: get there early because finding seating later in the night can be tricky.


Ladies night at Sugar Bar: Sugar Bar is in a really nice area of the city. It’s on Costa Rica street in Palermo, which is a street that has a lot of bars and nice restaurants. There are two floors with a good amount of seating area. They sell burgers, pizza and a variety of other bar food. On Thursdays, girls can pay a cover of $180 pesos and get 3 slices of pizza and bottomless drinks until midnight starting at 7pm. It’s an amazing deal unless you stay all 5 hours because you might regret it the next day.

Rosebar After Office: Rosebar, which is a boliche (club), opens at 7:30 pm for their After Office party. They offer sushi, finger foods and happy hour to till 9 pm. The Rosebar venue is a big open space that has an outdoor bar and patio. While it’s a nice place to get a drink with friends, be sure to check the dates before you go sometimes they like to switch the days between Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Cocoliche: Cocoliche got it’s name from the Italian-Spanish mixed language, Cocoliche. It’s the place to go if you’re trying to dance to electronic music. Cocoliche is known for it’s high quality sound system with it’s stage in the basement of an old mansion. It keeps a little electro/house party feel with people dancing in a basement, but have a more relaxed bar just one floor up where people can go to relax before they head back downstairs for more music. Like most boliches in Buenos Aires, it doesn’t open up until 1:30/ 2 in the morning.

Buenos Aires Pub Crawl: A night of 3 different bars with pizza and beer to start off the night! This pub crawl takes you through 3 different neighborhoods: Palermo, Recoleta, and San Telmo. The 3 neighborhoods that you’d want to go out in when in Buenos Aires. This pub crawl is a great way to meet people if you’re new to here. In general, this pub crawl is going to be for younger people, not usually above the age of 25, but really can be fun for anyone looking to go out. The night begins at 10pm and ends at a club where there is free admission for the people on the pub crawl.


Jet: Jet is notorious for being incredibly strict. The doormen turn away anyone who isn’t dressed or acting appropriately. While it’s smaller and more exclusive than most boliches, it’s also a very nice venue. The inside has a disco ball and vines on the ceiling, and just outside by the patio is a port. When you get tired from dancing, you can go outside and look at the boats on the port while you rest. Jet normally tends to be electronic music.

Hummer: Looking for some latin music? Check out Hummer. Hummer is known for playing cachengue music, which is normally reggaetón or cumbia but can be any type of latin music really. Hummer is also a restaurant before it turns into a boliche, so you can go get some dinner there, have a drink, and then stay for some dancing!


Makena Cantina Club: The event is called Afromama Jams, and plays a series of Soul Funk, and Hip Hop music. The event started in 2006 and has been going ever since, Makena Club made a name for itself being the place to go for soul music. The music begins at 11pm.

Bs As is a city full of life with lots to do. While everything happens pretty late, it’s worth it to power nap and get yourself out there. It’s more than just unwinding with a couple of drinks. The nightlife here is a cultural experience and something not to be missed.

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