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American Food in Buenos Aires Argentina

Where to Get American Food in BA?


American food

Your Guide to American Food in Argentina

It’s no secret that Buenos Aires is a meat lovers paradise and cooks some of the best steaks in the world. As the leading consumer of beef in the world per capita, Argentines are experts in grilling a phenomenal asado on the parrilla. You haven’t truly immersed yourself in Argentine culture until you get the meat sweats (Disclaimer: this is a joke. For your health, please do not eat your weight in meat). In addition to asado, empanadas, medialunas, and Argentine-style pizza, to name a few, are must-try staples in Argentine cuisine. It, therefore, goes without saying that every visitor to Buenos Aires is encouraged to enjoy the rich and delicious culinary tradition.

After around five months of living in Argentina, I started to get a little tired of eating so much beef de chorizo, empanadas, and choripán routine– as delicious as they are. I am NOT condoning isolating yourself from the beautiful culture of Buenos Aires and Argentina, but sometimes you need a little familiar, comfort food every once and awhile to ward off any feeling of homesickness. Well, Buenos Aires, being the incredible, cosmopolitan city it is, offers lots of options for when you need a quick break from the usual go-to empanada, muzza, and bondiolas. Whether you’re not a fan of the delicious traditional Argentine fare (we won’t tell, but we will judge), just need a little something out of the usual, or missing mom’s cooking, I have put together a list of restaurants estadounidense that bring a little slice of home to Buenos Aires. This post is the first in a series of budget-friendly, international eateries you can try around the city, so stay tuned!

First things first, please do yourself a favor and avoid the Hard Rock Café or Starbucks Coffee, they are incredibly expensive and you can get much better food and coffee elsewhere.

For authentic New York-style bagels…

Sheikob’s Bagels (Uriarte 1386)

Bagels in Argentina tend to be dry knockoffs of the original. However, NYC native and Buenos Aires expat, Jacob Sheikob has brought real and authentic New York-style bagels to Buenos Aires. Either take home some bagels to go or grab a delicious bagel sandwich.

For Thick and Juicy Hamburgers…

Burger Joint (Jorge Luis Borges 1766)

Just walking around Palermo Soho, you will find at least two Americana-inspired burger restaurants on each block. It can get overwhelming with all these options, but if you want a simple and juicy burger look no further than Burger Joint. The combo will get you craft beer, a side of perfectly-fried fries, and a thick and juicy hamburger of your choice. You can’t go wrong.  

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For a trendy LA-style restaurant…

Ninina Bakery (Gorriti 4738)

For the avid brunchers and avocado toast fanatics, the Argentine custom of eating a light breakfast (or skipping it entirely) can be a bit of a culture shock. Head to Ninina Bakery to satisfy all your brunch cravings, “healthy” pastries, and artisanal lemonade. Like teleporting to Los Angeles, your plate is sure to be totally insta-worthy.

For Down-home Cajun cooking…

NOLA Gastropub (Gorriti 4389)

Chicken isn’t really a big deal in Argentina because beef usually steals the show. Go to this Creole cuisine haven for some perfectly fried Chicken just like your grandma used to make it. Some of the best chicken I have ever had in Buenos Aires, posta.

Another special mention for American-style Chicken goes to Chicken Bros (Thames 1795), sporting more sports-bar vibes in Palermo. They also play American football games on their TVs if real football isn’t your thing. It’s also probably the only place in Buenos Aires where you can get fried oreos.

For American BBQ…

El Tejano (Uruguay 1175)

Argentines don’t usually put sauce on their steak, save the occasional salsa criolla and chimichurri, especially if the meat is of high quality. This practice is turned on its head at the Texas-style BBQ joint El Tejano, where eating copious amounts of authentic and smokey BBQ sauce is encouraged. Start off with a 7-hour smoked and barbecued brisket, slathered in bbq sauce and served with homemade cornbread. It’s finger-licking good.

For a quick salad…

Green Eat (multiple locations) will remind you of the salad and “health-conscious” fast-food chains you see in the states. It is not my first recommendation, partly because salads are not a cultural strong point, but if you’re looking for a quick lunch salad in a trendy setting– Green Eat will satisfy your craving.

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