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5 Places to Get The Best Views of Buenos Aires


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In comparison to other cosmopolitan cities, Buenos Aires does not have that many tall buildings. The majority of them are located in the downtown area. That means, if you know where to go to get up high enough, you will be able to find an amazing unobstructed view of the city. Here are 5 places where you can do just that:

1) Palacio Barolo (Av. de Mayo 1370, Monserrat)
This is one of most interesting and must-see architectures in Buenos Aires. It was built in early 1920’s, designed and built by Italian architect Mario Palanti. Since Palanti and Luigi Barolo,  the property’s owner and a successful textile businessman, were both fans of the famous Italian poet Dante Alighieri, the design of the building was inspired by and full of references to Alighieri’s masterpiece “Divina Comedia” (Divine Comedy). Other than its unique design, the building itself also broke the record of its time. It was the first one built on reinforced concrete to reach the height of 100 meters, which was 4 times higher than the maximum limit allowed in that area at that time. Thus, it became the tallest building not only in Argentina, but in South America until 1935. At the top of the building is the cupola where the lighthouse is located, and that is where you can get an unbeatable 360 degree view of downtown Buenos Aires. To get up there, you need to join a guided tour. They run day and night tours a few times a week, check their website for more information.

2) Galería Güemes (Florida 165, Microcentro)
Designed by Italian architect Francisco Terencio Gianotti, it was built at the turn of the 20th century for commercial and shopping gallery use. The building took on the then popular art nouveau style. With a height of over 80 meters, it was considered to be one of the first rascacielos (skyscrapers) in town. At the very top on its 14th floor is the Torre Mitre which is the observation deck that has been restored and reopened to the public since 2010. This is another perfect spot to get a beautiful 360 view of the city. Check here for observation deck open hours and fee.

3) Club Alemán “Zirkel” Restaurant (Av. Corrientes 327, piso 21, San Nicolás)
The German Club’s restaurant is on the 21st floor of a building right in the middle of the city on Av. Corrientes. With all the big windows surrounding the restaurant that serves up European-Argentine cuisine, you get to dine with an amazing panoramic view of Buenos Aires. Just a block away from this location, there used to be a restaurant called A222 on the 20th floor of the Edificio Comega, which was famous for its view but it has unfortunately closed its door since a couple years ago. If you are looking to dine or wow your date with a beautiful view of the city, this would be your best bet at this time. They are open for lunch and dinner, Monday to Saturday, closed Sundays. Check the club website for more information.

4) Biblioteca Nacional (Agüero 2502, Recoleta)
The National Library of Argentina is also the largest library in the country. This current building was designed by the architecture team Clorindo Testa, Francisco Bullrich, and Alicia Cazzaniga in 1961. However, due to the many political changes in the government, the construction didn’t start until 1971, and eventually it was inaugurated in 1992. Despite its very particular design that draws as many lovers as haters equally, it houses a large volume of very valuable papers, works and history of Argentina. Its 5th floor is where you can peacefully and quietly take in a wide view of the city; a perspective that includes not only buildings and avenues, but also parks, green spaces and Rio de La Plata.  The library is free for everyone to go but you need to register by completing a form and presenting a photo ID at the entrance.

5) Hotel Panamericano (Carlos Pellegrini 551, San Nicolás)
One of the most centrally-located luxurious hotels in Buenos Aires. It’s right in the middle of downtown, situated on the famous Avenida 9 de Julio and right across from the Obelisk and Teatro Colón. Its 23rd top floor, where the hotel’s indoor pool and spa are located, has one of most magnificent views of the city. Unfortunately, you cannot just wander onto this floor unless you are a hotel guest. Contact the hotel and see what offers they have for a spa day or pool day pass.

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