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Ways to Put Your Spanish Skills to the Test While Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires



Practicing Spanish in Buenos Aires Argentina

As we are learning a foreign language, other than making sure we are grasping the grammar and applying them correctly in a classroom setting, we often feel like testing ourselves and trying to see how we actually fare in the real world. Able to interact with native speakers is definitely one of the best ways to achieve that. Having a language immersion experience like learning Spanish in Buenos Aires with us at Vamos Spanish Academy, will definitely allow you to have lots of these opportunities once you step out of the classroom and into the streets since you will be living the language.

For beginners, going about doing everyday chores like ordering at a restaurant, getting your take-out coffee, and buying fruits at a verdulería (vegetable/fruit stand) where it is not customary self-served here in Buenos Aires, would already give you lots of real life practice opportunity. For those who feel comfortable enough to carry a more in-depth conversation in Spanish, there are various language exchange events available in the city. One of them, which Vamos Spanish students frequent a lot, is Mundolingo. It is a free event where everyone will sticker their chest with country flags representing the languages you speak including the one you are learning, and using these stickers as indicators to find each other who want to practice your mother tongue and in exchange to help you with your Spanish. This is a great way not only to make new friends (local and international) but also to work on your Spanish speaking skills.


We actually have another suggestion which you could put your Spanish comprehension to test while you are here in Buenos Aires studying Spanish. It might sound a bit daring for some Spanish learners, and it is stand up comedy in Spanish! Generally we wouldn´t recommend typical Argentine stand up shows because they involve a lot of local slangs not to mention the comedians speak at a speed of light. It definitely won’t be a very encouraging experience unless you have already reached a very advanced level and also are familiar with the Argentine colloquial and local culture.

However, we have come across just the right one for you all Spanish learners out there. This particular stand up show in Spanish is done by Kristof Micholt, an European who has lived in Buenos Aires for many years. He speaks at a good speed and uses way less slangs and complicated words. Also, he shares his vast experience and interesting encounters being a foreigner in this city, which Spanish students who are also visiting Buenos Aires would probably find them very relatable and have a good laugh!

You can find his show “Un Belga en Argentina” every Thursday at 10PM at Paseo La Plaza (Corrientes 1660). More info at website:

Here is a taste of the show:

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