February 1, 2016 ·

Wish I Knew How To Speak Spanish


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Vamos Spanish Academy Students stories

We always share stories and experiences of living in Buenos Aires with Vamos students and friends. They could be amazing, unbelievable, funny or anything in between. One type of stories that always came up was embarrassing situations occurred due to misunderstanding of languages. It was because of that, the idea of making videos capturing such situations was born, aiming to highlight the benefits of knowing different languages, which in this case, Spanish. After many planning and revising of scripts, the little idea had finally evolved into this video series ‘Wish You Knew How To Speak Spanish

Yesterday at our weekly Intercambio Club, we did a little premier of the videos to great response! We of course want to share these with many more people, so here they are for your viewing pleasure. If you have any funny stories like these, please do share/comment. We love to hear them and we may even make them into one of our videos in the future!


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