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Argentine Empanadas – History, Recipes and Types

Argentine Empanadas types: Empanada Type Filling Ingredients Dough/Crust Region Unique Characteristics Empanada Salteña Diced…


So, if you are here, that means that you were able to go through…

Best Spanish School in Buenos Aires Argentina

Our goal at Vamos Spanish Academy is to make sure our students learn. Providing…

Learning Spanish in Argentina

Why Learn Spanish At Vamos Spanish Academy

Free Practical Alternatives to Learn Spanish

6 Alternative Ways to Studying Spanish Attending an intensive, structured language class is the…

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Hvad man skal gøre i Argentina

Få en uforglemmelig ferie i Argentina Mira Lundsgaard – Buenos Aires Argentina 17/06/2016 For…

Best Wine Tours in Buenos Aires

Recently a group of students from Vamos Spanish Academy and myself decided to check…

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