November 6, 2020 ·

Spanish Pronunciation 101: The Basics to Pronouncing Spanish Words Correctly

We will look at the Spanish Sounds in their elements one by one


vamos spanish academy video - Spanish pronunciations - sonidos en español

It doesn’t come as a surprise that when you are learning a new language, you’ll encounter the many rules and the (very frustrating) exceptions to the rules. We definitely have quite a lot of those exceptions in Spanish grammar but when it comes to the Spanish pronunciation, we are very happy to tell you that there are actually none!

In Spanish, how a word is spelled or written is exactly how you will pronounce it. Very straightforward! So making sure you have grasped these fundamental phonetic sounds correctly is of utmost importance for your Spanish learning journey. This will allow you to not only be able to sound out words and sentences by just looking at them but will also help you pick up new vocabularies when someone else is saying them to you. Whether or not you have kind of ignored them in your beginner’s class, this is a good time to take a look at them again.

We have 27 letters in the Spanish alphabet, and by combining some of them, we actually have more than 30 phonetic sounds, not to mention there are also the regional variations to consider. As you can see, we have quite some materials to cover, but rather than a big long blog, we have a more easily digestible video for you. Check it out!

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