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Sabe la Tierra – Organic Food Markets in Buenos Aires and its Greater Area


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I recently went to meet a friend at this fantastic organic market, where I have wanted to go to for a very long time and it is called Sabe La Tierra. I was looking forward to buying fresh organic fruits and vegetables to bring home. You can also find all sort of vegetarian, vegan and raw foods all fresh and ready to eat right. You can get sandwiches of different kinds, made of raw crackers and bread and even homemade bread with fillings of lentil patties. Of course, my favorite food is empanadas. My good friend bought a piece of raw-cake, which was indeed delicious. It was almost like a one big Snickers bar – without any sugar, flour, and butter, but just fruits and nuts. Keep in mind that things are not cheap, though really delicious and all homemade with the best natural ingredients.  

Since 2014, Sabe La Tierra has been growing from being just one market fair on one Saturday every month in Belgrano, to now having 5 locations that run on different days every week. Do check their website ( for details because things do change quite a bit.

Overall Buenos Aires is not a cheap city to find organic products, but it is definitely something that is gaining popularity among the Argentines. We now have our first vegan supermarket in Buenos Aires, called Mini Super Veganos, which is more like a pop-up every month ( New small restaurants and deliveries offering vegetarian and/or vegan organic foods are opening every now and then. One of the mainstays, that has been around since 2010 is Buenos Aires Verdes. There are now 2 locations, one in Palermo and one in Belgrano. They have good lunch deals, where you get really good quality food at a fair price. 

Back to the organic food market, for me it was a wonderful experience, finding so many veggies and organic food, really made me feel like being back in Copenhagen, my home city. Especially, the vendors are very hands-on and really eager to explain and tell you about what they are selling and giving you the chance to taste their products. So, pick a location and date, and go visit. Remember to bring along some shopping bags and cash because you’ll need them!

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