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Nightclubs in Buenos Aires



Top 5 Nightclubs in Buenos Aires

You can pretty much go out any night of the week in Buenos Aires, it is a city that never sleeps. But, there is nothing quite like the ‘FriYAY’ feeling and you always know it’s going to be a jam packed night out on the town.

There is something on offer for everyone, but, here I’ve compiled a list of some of the main clubs to make it easier for you to work out what tickles your fancy this weekend.

Ferona Social Club

Ferona is my favourite and always my Friday night go to. Whilst it’s technically not a club this bar’s two dance floors really get going. From the outside it looks like a house and walking through the doors and being met by beautiful winding staircase, it has a similar atmosphere inside too. It’s more intimate than a club but better than your mates house party. Downstairs there are more chilled vibes but if you want to go where the party really gets going head on up to the terrace. House/funk/soul music will be blasted all night getting everybody dancing. Biggest bonus: entry is for free! I’d try head on over before 2am because this place will be packed and it’s not one to be missed.


Considered to be Latin America’s largest LGBT club (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) this is a crazy night out for anyone, gay or straight! This place has a capacity for 1,800 people and is spread out over three dance floors named Caribbean, Crystal and Continental. This means that between the smoke machines and strobe lights you’re going to be able to find the music that you want to dance too. Craziest thing about it: the fee to get in covers your alcohol all night! Yes, no exaggeration. Paying to get into this club entitles you to free alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks all night. Now, that really is asking for a hangover…

Jet Club

Jet is for shall we say.. the creme de la creme. Its one of Buenos Aires’ most exclusive nights out and where the beautiful flock too. You can expect to see the height of society go through these doors. So for those of you that want to dress to the nines then this is the place to be and be seen. It’s location is stunning, built out onto the rio de la Plata, it offers a ‘first-class’ clubbing experience. Equipped with the best in surround sound technology its resident DJ’s will soon have you losing all concept of time dancing away to their electronic mixes.


One word is only necessary to describe Rosebar and that is REGGAETON. Reggaeton is a type of latin/Caribbean urban music typically in spanish. So, basically spanish pop music. Set in the heart of Palermo it’s no surprise that on Friday nights this place is buzzing and there’s a reason why, it’s fun for everyone. Whilst dress code tends to be on the smarter side most people do get in, but something to bear in mind. For $200 ARS you are able to let loose on the dance floor. With these type of tunes being blasted all night it’s hard to have a bad time, next thing you know you will be stumbling out at 7am.


Buenos Aires is famous for its techno music and for those of you looking for a more intense night you should head over to Crobar. On Friday nights international DJ’s bring the best of the best in techno and electronica to you. The set up? Two dance floors with a modern industrial vibe. This minimal space provides a great setup for sounds and acoustics. People here love their music so you’re bound to meet similar minded people to enjoy your night with. One thing to note: they often have ticketed events going on, well worth checking out in advance if this your scene.

One thing for sure is that you don’t want to miss out on the Buenos Aires nightlife. There is so much more going on than the above 5 clubs but if you’re not sure where to go then you’re guaranteed to have a good night at any of these. Be warned though things start LATE here and I’m not talking 12am. Clubs don’t really start going until 2 or 3 so, get home, have your siesta and then you will be ready to party the night away.


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