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Must Visit Non-Art Museums in Buenos Aires



While the best-known museums here in Buenos Aires are art museums, there are many lesser-known ones that definitely merit a visit! Here’s a list of some can’t-miss museums that will give you another perspective on everything that Argentina has to offer:

Museo del Bicentenario – This museum opened just last year on May 24 to celebrate two hundred years of Argentine history (1810-2010). This museum is located in the historical military fort, el Fuerte de Buenos Aires, which was constructed during the 18th century, and the Aduana Taylor (international customs building), which was constructed in 1855. Both buildings have played a very important role in the history and development of Argentina, so you’ll be walking down the very halls where history was made! This museum features archeological artifacts, historical objects, and some works of art that are closely linked to Argentine history.

Museo de Armas de La Nación – This museum brings you on a journey as you pass through its 18 rooms, leading you through the history of arms and weapons in Argentina. It features more than 2000 weapons and other objects that reflect the history and evolution of arms around the world, from the 12th century up through modern times!

Museo Etnográfico – This museum is dedicated to the investigation, diffusion, and conservation of the historical and anthropological patrimony in Argentina, in particular, all of the different cultures that have contributed to make Argentines who they are today. It features archeological, ethnographical and anthropological collections of not only the aboriginal populations in Argentina, but also of other groups from other parts of the world who have influenced Argentine culture. While this museum features artifacts from Patagonia and northeastern Argentina, it also includes pieces from as far as Greece and Japan.

Museo Histórico Nacional del Cabildo y de la Revolución de Mayo – Even if you can’t remember the name, this museum is still worth the trip! While the Museo del Bicentenario will show you the history of Argentina since its founding, this museum focuses on Argentina’s history from the first days of colonization up through the events that led it down the road to independence.

El Zanjón de Granados – This is one of the important urban archeological sites in the city. The site of the Zanjón de Granados is considered by some historians to be the site of the first settlement of Buenos Aires in 1536. The first section was discovered underneath a 19th century building, and from there other ruins of foundations, walls, floors, wells, and sewage pits were found. Recently restored to its previous glory, you can take a guided tour and hear the stories of this amazing historical site, seeing how people have lived throughout the ages in Argentina.

Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales – This museum explores all of the non-human aspects of Argentine history, starting millions of years ago with fossils found here under the city of Buenos Aires. It includes exhibitions on plants, animals, and marine life, from the prehistoric up through the present day.

Museo Evita – This museum works to share the life, works, and ideas of María Eva Duarte de Perón – best known as Evita – and also serves to protect the legacy of some of her personal belongings.

Museo Casa Carlos Gardel – Curious about the tango legend? Go to his house! He bought the house in 1927 for his mother and lived there until 1933, when he left for France. The museum opened its doors in 2003 and transports its visitors to the time of Carlos Gardel. The museum examines his life through the story and history of tango throughout the world and takes a deeper look at both person and the myth.


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