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La Bomba de Tiempo – Live Music in Buenos Aires


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Centro Cultural Konex

Buenos Aires is a city full of venues to experience some amazing live music.  Whatever you may be in the mood for, there is most likely a spot that caters to that specific genre.  If you want to have a very unique Monday night music experience, then you should definitely check out La Bomba de Tiempo.  Comprised purely of percussion, this group of 17 drummers knows how to put on a great show.

The “Time Bomb”, as it is translated, started in 2006 and is a collaboration of the best percussionists from Buenos Aires and surrounding areas.  As a group they attempt to portray the city through improvisation and powerful rhythmic music.  Although they are a unified group, the differences between their styles and sounds is palatable.  Rather than diminish the music, the different sounds and drumming styles add character and embody the multicultural and eclectic nature that comprises Buenos Aires.  During the show the founder of the group orchestrates the entire ensemble through a series of intricate hand gestures.  With these hand gestures he formats the music and band to correspond to the energy in the crowd.  Similarly, the crowd is a large vibrating mixture of extranjeros (foreigners), locals, and everyone in-between.  The form of communication is body movement, and everybody is free to express themselves in any manner they desire.

La Bomba de Tiempo is performed in a warehouse-like building that opens up to a large outside courtyard area equipped with a large metallic bug and colorful graffiti.  The show is very popular and is guaranteed to be packed inside — standing-room only.  Even though the dance floor is full and it looks like mayhem, the atmosphere is very jovial and amicable.  There is plenty of available space around the outsides of the mob if you need to cool down or your moves require a little more space to be appreciated.

Once the show comes to an end, which it does promptly at 10:00 pm, there is a large succession of showgoers and some of the performers in the street outside where the party continues for a little while longer.  If you’re still inclined to keep the beat going, there is usually an after-party at a bar or club where some of the musicians continue to boom away into the early morning.

About La Bomba del Tiempo

The Place: Ciudad Cultural Konex, Sarmiento 3131, Abasto, Buenos Aires
The Time:  Opening band comes on at 7:00 pm, La Bomba del Tiempo comes on at 8:00 pm*
*It can get busy fast, and the line can get very long.  It is recommended to get there at 7 even though it should not sell out.
Price: Affordable
Phone: (+54 11) 4864 3200

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