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Jacarandá trees in Buenos Aires


Blossoms of beautiful jacaranda trees in buenos aires

It’s mid November and it’s been 58 days since the first day of Spring. Other than a few abnormally cold days here and there, and the weekly rainfalls, the warm weather has finally arrived!

The city has always seemed to be more vibrant whenever the temperature rises. Not sure if the sunlight falls differently or it is just a change of my temperament due to the weather, one thing that is for sure is that the city has more colors. All the bare branches are now painted with brilliant green and it seems that the volume and its density double its size every time you blink!

Nonetheless, the most notable and true sign of spring here in Buenos Aires has to be the gorgeous Jacarandá trees.

Their lavender-colored flowers bloom all over the city and there is no way that one could miss it and not be mesmerized by their beauty. When these flowers slowly turn more pinkish and are caught mostly on the ground rather than on the branches, that’s when the cold wind starts blowing as well. While that possesses another kind of beauty of its own, I do prefer its arrival than its farewell for I’m definitely a fan of the heat! Now that being said, it’s about time to take an afternoon coffee break at a cafe on a street dotted with all these purplish life and really savor the arrival of spring!

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