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International Cuisine in Buenos Aires Part 2


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Picking up from International Cuisine in Buenos Aires Part 1, here are more ethnic food places for you to check out.
There are definitely more to explore and discover, but for now I hope these lists will give you a good overview of the International food scene in Buenos Aires and that they will come in handy when your taste buds are asking for something different.

Part 2 – includes food from Asia and some of Europe:

Chipper – Palermo – Just came into the scene earlier 2013. They are the first and only ‘fish and chips’ place in town and are affiliated to the National Federation of Fish Friers.
Gibraltar – San Telmo – THE famous English pub with good beer in Buenos Aires. In any other circumstances, pub food would not be qualified as a ‘cuisine’ but in this case, they will have to be counted as one of the international food offerings. This is where you can find the beef pot pie or the traditional English breakfast on weekends to cure your homesickness.

Barrio Chino (Chinatown) in Belgrano has many to choose from but the hidden gems are actually somewhere else:
Bai Fu (Scalabrini Ortiz 152, Villa Crespo Tel. 4587-7073) – Cantonese cuisine
Shi Yuan (Tagle 2531, Recoleta Tel. 4804-0607) – a more well put together Chinese restaurant serves Northern Chinese cuisine including the peking duck dish.
Da Dong Fan Dian (Vera 468, Villa Crespo Tel. 4857-6314) – great dumplings and noodles

La Bourgogne (Alvear Palace Hotel) – Recoleta – the best French restaurant in Buenos Aires
Brasserie Petanque – San Telmo – one of the longstanding reputable French restaurants
Le Blé – This patisserie seemed to have taken over the town by storm in the last year or so, by opening up 6 branches all over. It’s not that difficult now if you want your real buttery croissants fix (sorry medialunas)!

ABC – Microcentro
Der Keller  (Juramento 2784, Belgrano Tel. 4780-1011)
Untertürkheim – a German bar in San Telmo. They serve a small menu of German-style pub food to go with your beer.
Zum Edelweiss (Libertad 431, San Nicolás Tel. 4382-3351)

These will be good options for vegetarian too.
Tandoor – (Barrio Norte) Recoleta
Resto Vrindavan – Palermo
Taj Mahal – Palermo
Krishna – Palermo
Mumbai – Palermo
Delhi Masala (Defensa 714, San Telmo Tel. 4300-3790)
Delhi Danbar (Viamonte 359, Microcentro Tel. 4894-0778)

Most of the ‘obvious’, easily seen Japanese restaurants and chains in town are sub par, but there are still some real authentic ones:
Yuki (Pasco 740, Congreso Tel. 4942-7510) – it’s the real deal sushi place that serves more than just salmon. It’s a tiny place and with its indisputable ‘best sushi in town’ reputation, reservation is a must.
Sukiyaki (Pasaje San Lorenzo 304, San Telmo Tel. 4361-8805). Reservation a must. Not your typical Japanese restaurant. Food is prepared by an eccentric owner and chef Ito San.
Kitayama – Belgrano
Niji – Belgrano – traditional family-style Japanese cuisine i.e. not just sushi. Reservation only.
Sashimiya – San Cristóbal
Fukuro Noodle Bar – Palermo – very first Japanese ramen place in BsAs

Biwon (Junín 548, Balvanera Tel. 4372-1146)
Una Cancion Coreana – Flores. Very authentic traditional korean food. Not in the best area, so go with someone who knows or take a taxi to and from.
BBQ town – Korean bbq in Chinatown, Belgrano
Kil Chong (Campana 714 Planta Alta, Floresta Tel. 4674-5900) – Call to confirm opening hours. Menu only available in Korean!
Daore Korean BBQ (Bacacay 3236, Floresta Tel. 4612-9072)

Mongolian Grill
Gengis’ House – Recoleta

Southeast Asian
Cocina Sunae – Closed door restaurant in Colegiales
Koh Lanta (Thai) – Palermo
Green Bamboo (Vietnamese) – Palermo
Sudestada (Guatemala 5602, Palermo Tel. 4776-3777)

Oviedo – (Barrio Norte) Recoleta
Palacio Español – Monserrat
Sagardi – Basque cooking. They have restaurants all over in Spain and one here in San Telmo.
El Burladero – Recoleta
El Casal de Catalunya – it is part of the Catalán Cultural Center in San Telmo. Serves traditional Catalán food and is famous for their suckling pig, which is only available on Wednesday nights or you can call to order in advance.
Tancat – Microcentro

Club Sueco – Microcentro

Finally, there is Melão, an ethnic restaurant in its truest sense. Not only they serve ‘todo el sabor del mundo‘ (all the flavors in the world), from Korean to Carribean to Irish you name it, they also sell ethnic food products and hold ethnic cuisine cooking classes in its unassuming cozy space in Villa Crespo.

So, what are you going to have for dinner tonight?

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