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International Cuisine in Buenos Aires Part 1


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We all know that Argentine cuisine is famous for its asado (barbeque), and you’ll have no trouble finding a parrilla (Argentine grill house) during your stay in Buenos Aires. You can easily have steak everyday if you want, with the occasional Italian pasta or pizza thrown in as part of the local diet, but one can only eat so many steak and pasta right? It’s always nice, or even necessary, to mix it up with other flavors once in a while.

As Buenos Aires has become a travel hot spot in the last decade, the demand for international cuisine has also grown. Many ethnic food restaurants have since joined the dining scene and with the growing sophistication of local and foreigner diners alike, we have seen a dramatic improvement in variety and quality in recent years. Nowadays, if you ask “where can I have so-and-so food?”, rather than blank stares, you will very likely receive more than one recommendation to choose from. In terms of how good or authentic they are, that’ll depend on the eye of the beholder.

This list below by no means is exhaustive but it does include a mix of budget and fancy places so that there’s something for everyone should a craving strike, whatever it may be. Since the list grew a lot bigger than initially anticipated, it’ll be split into a two-parter. Part 2 will follow soon, stay tune!

Part 1 includes cuisine from the Americas, Africa and part of Europe:

El Buen Sabor  – Villa Crespo

Boteco do Brasil – Palermo
Me Leva Brasil – Palermo
Maluco Beleza  – San Nicolás – Not just a place to have dinner. They have Lambazouk dance classes and also shows on Wednesdays.

La Bodeguita del Medio – Las Cañitas – Famously hail from Havana for its mojitos, now they have opened doors here in Buenos Aires.
Restaurante Cuba Mía – Monserrat – a place to eat and to dance to live music all night long. They also have dance classes everyday.
Mojitos de Cuba – Caballito – salsa classes, dinner and show

I Latina – a Colombian/Latin American closed door fine dining in Villa Crespo
Los Recuerdos – Barrio Norte, Recoleta

Eastern European
Ermak – Almagro – Russian/Ukrainian home cooking
El Molino Dorado (Quito 4100, Almagro Tel. 3528-8940) – family-run Russian restaurant

Mykonos – Las Cañitas
El Griego Loco – Closed door restaurant in Palermo. Fridays only.

Turandot – Palermo

La Fábrica del Taco – Palermo
Lupita – Las Cañitas/Palermo/Puerto Madero
Tijuana Cocina Mex & Bar – Palermo
El Salto de Las Ranas – Barrio Norte, Recoleta
Maria Felix – Palermo
Ay Wey! – Mainly a home-cook catering but also does pop up once in a while. Keep an eye on their Facebook page.

Middle Eastern
Sarkis (Thames 1101, Villa Crespo Tel. 4772-4911) A very popular place. Specialized in Armenian cuisine.
Medio Oriente – Palermo
Hanan – Palermo
Demashk (Charcas 3816, Palermo Tel. 4833-6699) – famous for their shawarma
Siniór Shawarma – Palermo – Awesome cheap eat.
Falafel One – Villa Crespo
Turquesa (Estado De Israel 4714, Almagro Tel.4861-2102)
Restaurant Armenia – Palermo
Habibi – San Telmo

Chan Chan (Hipólito Yrigoyen 1390, Congreso Tel. 4382-8492) – famous cheap eat
Contigo Perú – Belgrano
Bardot – Palermo – contemporary Peruvian cuisine
Sipan – Microcentro/Palermo – more specifically they are a Peruvian/Japanese fusion restaurant, and considered by many as the best Peruvian restaurant in town.

La Casa Polaca – Palermo

Arepera Buenos Aires – Villa Crespo
Caracas Bar – Palermo
La Arepería – arepa delivery!

(Photo credit: Sydney International Food Festival)


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