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Indoor Activities Guide To Combat Buenos Aires Winter



While the northern hemisphere is dealing with heat waves, here in Buenos Aires we have temperature hovering around low single digits to mid-teens °C. It’s not a harsh winter by any means when compare to all the snowy parts of the world, but it is considered cooold in local standards. When zero to mid single digits °C temperature persists over a few days, like now, that’s our ola polar (cold front). Sipping mate at home or drinking Malbec with picadas (cured meat and cheese platter) with friends are no doubt good options but you can’t just stick to 2 activities the whole winter right? Here are some great indoor places fill with all types of activities to get your heart pumping:

Rock climbingRealization in Villa Crespo and Boulder in Las Cañitas (Arce 730; 11-4779-2825) are both indoor climbing facilities, very easily accessible. They offer group classes in different levels. If you are already a climber, you can just show up and pay a small fee to climb. You can rent shoes and gear there too if you don’t have them with you. They also organize climbing excursions during the warm weather. So winter actually is the perfect time for training and by the time it’s warm, you are ready to join in on the real adventures.

Karaoke/Cantobar – They are not widely popular here so you won’t find the real karaoke house where you can ‘rent’ private singing rooms by the hour. Here is still the typical bar-style, where you sing to strangers and you listen to strangers sing. The selection of songs might not be what you are used to, but there’ll be a substantial list of the 80’s favorites (if you have been in town for a while, you’ll know what I mean). Check out Club Moraes in Palermo or Republica de Aca in Colegiales. Fridays and Saturdays are their dedicated karaoke nights.

Ice skating – Indoor ice skating rinks aren’t necessary the place to escape the cold but they’ll get your heat on fast. Try out My Way in Belgrano and Winter in Caballito. Needless to say they are family-friendly places, so expect presence of (a lot of) children during daytime hours. However, they do open late on Fridays and Saturdays till 3am or later!

Bowling – The Paloko Belgrano location is probably THE place to go bowling in the city. It’s probably the largest bowling alley in the city with 18 automatic lanes. It has also been the place, since they opened up in the 70’s, where the Metropol Federation of Bowling and the Argentine Bowling Association hold their official tournaments. You may be bowling next to a professional without knowing it.

BoardgamesAcabar in Palermo is practically a resto-bar in a large space with fun and colorful décor. What sets it apart is its huge selection of boardgames available for patrons to play free of charge all night long. They are open every night Sunday to Thursday from 8pm till 2am, and Friday and Saturday, 8pm till 5am!

Multiplex – Not exactly in the scale of Dave and Buster’s but these are as close as we get. Acatraz in Almagro has bowling, pool, its own gym (right next door. Go figure!), live concerts and a huge bar section. Then we have Jobs in Barrio Norte which is a fave for many locals. Not only the location is great, they also often have pizza+beer promo, and have a good many activities to choose from: pool, darts, 6-people foosball, ping pong (wow!), archery (wowow!!), and boardgames.

Now you see, being indoor during winter doesn’t have to be boring, and these places definitely go beyond the typical boliches (dance clubs) and cinemas.



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