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Iconic Songs about Argentina


songs about argentina

Culture, immigration, history, soccer, poverty, art, wars, missing people. Argentina has experienced, along its history, many situations and periods, some of them happier than others. That fact led many artists to compose song about the country, its habits and its culture. 

5 Famous songs about Argentina

En la ciudad de la furia (In the fury’s city)

Played by Soda Stereo and composed by Gustavo Cerati in 1988. It was a tremendous period in Argentina, characterized by hyperinflation and economic instability. The videoclip has several pictures of Buenos Aires and the expression “the city of the fury” became a common phrase to describe urban unrest throughout Latin America.

La argentinidad al palo

It was born in 2004 by the rock band Bersuit Vergarabat. The video and the lyrics describe several argentinian passions, symbols and contradictions. It mentions many creations developed in Argentina such as the dulce de lecho and the birome. It also talks about historical characters, celebrities, politicians and controversial figures (Diego Maradona, Carlos Gardel, Carlos Menem, Jorge Videla, etc).
The song concludes that argentinian history oscillates between the ecstasy and the agony and that argentinian people can be the best and the worst with the same ease.

Mi Buenos Aires querido (My beloved Buenos Aires)

Composed in 1934, the song is one of the most popular tangos of Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Le Pera. It inspired many national and international artists.

No bombardeen Buenos Aires (Don’t bomb Buenos Aires)

Played by Charly García, the song is a critic to the Falklands War. While playing it for the first time, he illustrated the song with a rain of missiles destroying the paperboard city that was part of the decor.

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No tan Buenos Aires (Not so Buenos Aires)

A very long song by Andrés Calamaro of 1999. It describes the city, mentioning their best and worst attributes, such as the city as a place to feel safe and accompanied despite of the crime and the poverty. It states “Buenos Aires is mine and I wouldn’t change it”.

Of course there are a lot more songs that we could mention, but for now, enjoy these ones!

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