May 22, 2013 ·

Feria PuroDiseño 2013 – The Design Fair in Buenos Aires


design fair 2013

In its 13th year, the Feria PuroDiseño seeks to share and exhibit the amazing and varied works of over 350 local and regional designers from Latin America. Since 2001, this fair has created an unique space for talented designers to come together to showcase their works and ideas, and most importantly, to connect them with the general public. The designers’ disciplines span from a wide range of design-related industries, you’ll be able to find products in areas like clothing, textile, accessories, interior decorations, digital arts, lighting and so on. Moreover, like in previous years, the fair also has special thematic sections highlighting innovations and achievements in specific areas of design work:

Arte Espacio: art exhibition of the most talented artists
Eco Conectados: eco- and social-responsible designs
La Selección: specially elected new designers representing different disciplines
Joyeros en Acción: workshops given by a different jewel designer everyday. This year’s theme is wood.
Puro Kids: a creative area for children between the age of 6 and 12 to participate
2do Concurso Nacional de Diseño de Calzado: The 10 finalists will exhibit their shoe designs

If you like design, especially practical ones which you can buy and take home, this is an event you shouldn’t miss out! Feria PuroDiseño takes places at La Rural (Av. Sarmiento and Santa Fe) at Pabellón Amarillo (Yellow Pavillion) from Tuesday May 21 – Sunday May 26 1pm-10 pm. You can buy ticket at the door: AR$35 pp


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