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Fashion Insiders in Buenos Aires



Fashion in Argentina

Love fashion and want to practice your Spanish? There are quite a few prominent fashion bloggers right here in the city that will let you take a look at fashion through the eyes of a local. They talk about the local trends both on the runway and out in the streets, and also offer exclusive interviews, keep up to date about local events, and talk about various beauty products.

Whatever question you might have about fashion in Buenos Aires, one of these chicas is sure to have the answer:

Dolores Fancy – http://www.doloresfancy.com.ar written by a local journalist, , mid 30’s – This blog covers local fashion trends, collections by local and major designers, and events of all sorts that relate to both the local and global fashion worlds.

Moda Hypeada – written by a local journalist and magazine editor, mid 30’s – From personal fashion obsessions to interviews and important fashion events, from beauty products and fragrances to her international travels, you’ll find a little bit of everything here.

Bloc de Moda – http://www.blocdemoda.com written by a local journalist, mid 30’s – Here you’ll find talk about collections, designers, and trends, which come from the red carpet and the street alike.

Trendy Jungle – written by a clothing and shoe designer, mid 20’s – This blog focuses on designer collections, both local and international, as well as the different trends that pop up.

Walk in my Shoes – http://www.walkinmyshoes.com.ar written by two stylists/teachers at a local University, both in their mid 30’s – Another blog with a bit of everything, here you’ll find interviews, designer collections, trends, street fashion, as well as some slightly more exclusive “backstage” information about upcoming collections.

It Style – http://www.itstyleblog.com written by a Communications student who works as a Community Manager and freelancer, mid 20’s – This blogger declares that she wants to show “Fashion for real people” and covers a lot of local fashion events and trends.

Babylonlab – http://www.babylon-lab.com/ written by a designer and fashion consultant, 30’s – This photoblog catalogues different trends, found on and off the local runways.

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