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Fashion Insiders in Buenos Aires



Fashion in Argentina

Argentines are renowned for their impeccable sense of style. Many consider them the best dressed in South America, and Buenos Aires stands as a testament to this claim. With its strong European influences, Buenos Aires has become a hub where international designs meet local artistry, resulting in a distinctive Argentine fashion flair.

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There are quite a few prominent fashion bloggers right here in the city that will let you take a look at fashion through the eyes of a local. They talk about the local trends both on the runway and out in the streets, and also offer exclusive interviews, keep up to date about local events, and talk about various beauty products.

Fashion Destinations in Buenos Aires:

  1. Feria de Plaza Serrano (Palermo Soho): Situated in the trendy neighborhood of Palermo Soho, Feria de Plaza Serrano, also known as Feria Cortázar, transforms into a fashion paradise during weekends. Bars and restaurants metamorphose into pop-up designer boutiques, showcasing the creations of budding local designers. These designs often exude a unique edginess that’s hard to find elsewhere. After a fulfilling shopping spree, the area offers numerous dining and socializing options.
  2. Galerías Pacífico: This architectural marvel, built in the Beaux Arts style, has a rich history. Initially constructed as a railway station in the 19th century, it later served darker purposes during the 1970s military junta. Today, it stands as an upscale shopping mall, housing elite brands like Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, and Lacoste. The mall’s Parisian-inspired architecture adds to the luxurious shopping experience.
  3. El Buen Orden: Contrary to its name, which translates to ‘well organized’, El Buen Orden is a treasure trove of eclectic vintage finds. This store, a favorite among local hipsters, has been at its current location for over 17 years. From quirky handbags to eccentric jewelry, the store promises a unique find for those willing to explore.

Dining and Entertainment for the Fashion-Savvy:

  1. iLatina: Touted as one of Buenos Aires’ premier dining establishments, iLatina offers an exquisite eight-course tasting menu in an upscale setting. Managed by three Colombian siblings, the restaurant’s menu is a gastronomic journey through Latin America, with a special focus on Caribbean seafood flavors.
  2. Florería Atlántico: A hidden gem in Recoleta, this cocktail bar is concealed beneath a florist shop. A secret door amidst fragrant flowers leads to this dimly lit speakeasy, epitomizing elegance and sophistication. The bar boasts an extensive cocktail menu, with both classic and innovative concoctions crafted by the city’s top mixologists.
  3. Niceto Club: A staple in Buenos Aires’ nightlife since 1998, Niceto Club offers diverse musical experiences. However, its most iconic night is Club 69 on Thursdays, a sensory overload of electronic beats, dazzling light shows, avant-garde dancers, and eccentric performance art.

Fashion in Buenos Aires: A Reflection of its Soul

Buenos Aires’ fashion scene is a mirror to its soul, reflecting its European roots, Latin American heart, and the innovative spirit of its people. From high-end boutiques to bustling street markets, the city offers a fashion experience like no other. Whether you’re a seasoned fashionista or a curious traveler, Buenos Aires promises a sartorial journey that will leave you inspired and in awe.

Meet the Fashion Insiders of Buenos Aires:

  1. Dolores Fancy
    • About: A seasoned journalist in her mid-30s, Dolores offers insights into local fashion trends, collections by renowned designers, and events that bridge both local and global fashion worlds.
  2. Moda Hypeada
    • About: Penned by a local journalist and magazine editor in her mid-30s, this blog is a treasure trove of personal fashion obsessions, interviews, global fashion events, beauty products, fragrances, and tales of international travels.
  3. Bloc de Moda
    • About: Authored by a local journalist in her mid-30s, dive deep into discussions about collections, designers, and trends inspired by both the red carpet and street fashion.
  4. Trendy Jungle
    • About: Crafted by a clothing and shoe designer in her mid-20s, this blog spotlights designer collections from around the globe and the ever-evolving fashion trends.
  5. Walk in my Shoes
    • About: Created by two stylists and university teachers in their mid-30s, this blog offers a mix of interviews, designer collections, street fashion, and exclusive backstage scoops on upcoming collections.
  6. It Style
    • About: A Communications student in her mid-20s, this blogger aims to showcase “Fashion for real people”, covering a plethora of local fashion events and trends.
  7. Babylonlab
    • About: Curated by a designer and fashion consultant in her 30s, this photoblog captures diverse trends, both from the local runways and the streets.

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