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Eating Pizzas in Buenos Aires 101 Part 2 – Where To Eat



There is no “number one” pizzería in Buenos Aires. There are far too many that offer some of the finest pizzas this side of the Atlantic to be able to settle on one that surpasses all the rest. What you like the best will depend on how you like your pizza, but here are some of the most famous places in the city so that you know where to start:

Some tried and true chains:

La Continental – A reasonably priced and delicious pizza place, between AR$50 and AR$65 for most large pizzas. They also do delivery, but they’re so popular (and located all over the city) that you’d better be prepared for a wait!

Romarios – Another very popular chain best known for their empanadas (made fresh when you order them!) The price for a large pizza is between AR$40 and AR$65, and they have great a la piedra (thin crust) pizzas.

Kentucky – While I can’t be sure where the name “Kentucky” came from (since I personally don’t know of any strong associations between the Bluegrass State and pizza), they have really great pizzas (I prefer their al molde, or thick crust) that typically cost between AR$60 and AR$70 for a large. This place is very well-known for being open 24-hour a day.

Los Inmortales – This smaller chain is primarily located in Microcentro and Barrio Norte and is another classic piece of Buenos Aires pizza history. Prices run anywhere between AR$50 and AR$80 for a large.

Almacen de Pizzas – This chain comes highly recommended by a few of the locals I know, although I personally have yet to eat here. A large pizza here will cost between AR$60 and AR$84 pesos and their claim-to-fame is a Brie cheese pizza.

Banchero – This chain also comes highly recommended by the locals (and is on my to-do list!) and is where the fugazza con queso was born. Fugazza is a plain pizza crust covered with a thick layer of sliced onions – so with cheese, it’s even better! This particular recipe is a layer of crust, a layer of cheese, another crust, and then the layer of onions. Prices for a large pizza range between AR$60 and AR$70.

Other places:

La Americana – Located near Tribunales, I have to give the pizza here five stars. It’s a very casual, family-friendly atmosphere, with prices ranging from AR$50-AR$85 for a large. Well worth every penny!

Palacio de la Pizza – Located on Av. Corrientes near the Obelisk, it’s right in the heart of the city. Due to the central location the prices run a little higher, but whenever you ask for a recommendation, this one is sure to be on the list.

Las Cuartetas – Right on Av. Corrientes as well and not far at all from Palacio de la Pizza, this is another pizza hot spot that gives you a great meal without spending too much.

El Cuartito – This establishment won a “Mejor Pizzería” (Best Pizzeria) award on Argentina’s online restaurant guide, Guía Oleo. In Barrio Norte, this is definitely a pizza place that can’t be left off anyone’s list.

Note: All the prices mentioned are for reference only.

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