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How to Find Healthy Food in Buenos Aires Argentina


La Reina Kunti

When it comes to eating in Buenos Aires, after a day or two here, even if you didn’t get to read up on any guidebooks beforehand, you’ll realize it’s all about meat, meat, the occasionally pizza and pasta, and then more meat. Needless to say, if you are not a local, eating like this everyday, your body will no doubt scream for help very soon. A few years ago, when you want to eat anything remotely healthy AND tasty, the best bet is to make it yourself at home. (That’s what really forced me to learn how to cook properly!) As the demand of healthy eating grows, there are actually good restaurants out there now offering sophisticated vegetarian, organic natural food dishes.


So, when you have the hunger for something healthier and easier on your digestive system, check out one of these places:

Arevalito (Arévalo 1478, Palermo Tel.: 4776-4252. Monday to Saturday from 8am till midnight. Cash only.)
It’s a cute little neighorbood café. They change up their vegetarian dishes everyday so you could actually go there everyday without getting bored! Their daily sandwich and tart specials are always very good. Accompany them with a glass of freshly made lemon juice, and if you still have appetite, end it with any one of the delicious puddings that they serve.


La Reina Kunti (Humahuaca 3461, Almagro. Tel.: 4863-3071. Tuesday to Saturday Lunch-12:30pm to 4pm Dinner- 8pm to 12:30am. Cash only.)
An Indian vegetarian restaurant. They serve up all kinds of Vedas cuisine like sabji with chapai and brown rice, pakora with chutney, gauranga potatoes with different types of salads, samosas etc., and hindu desserts.

Buenos Aires Verde (Gorriti 5657, Palermo Tel.: 4775-9594. Monday to Saturday 8am – 1am)
This organic vegetarian restaurant has quite an extensive menu, from breakfast food to lunch, from tea time to dinner, they do it all! They also have a tiny market where you can stock up on organic products.

Siempre Verde (Arribeños 2127, Belgrano. Tel.:15-5454-6481. Tuesday to Sunday 12nn-4pm and 8pm-12midnight. Cash only.)
This is a Chinese vegetarian restaurant located right in the heart of Chinatown. Like any typical Chinese restaurants, they have a big menu. You will see common ‘meat’ dishes, like sweet and sour ‘chicken’, but they are of course not real chicken, instead they are made from soy and they are delicious! If you need some ethnic variety for your taste buds, this would be it!

Kensho (El Salvador 5783, Palermo. T: 4778-0655. Tuesday to Sunday, 12nn-3pm and 8pm-12am.)
This is a fancy natural food restaurant opened by chef Máximo Cabrera. Originally it was only a closed door restaurant but since he opened Kensho last year, we are all luckier now that his creative vegan food, raw food and celiac dishes are more accessible. On top of continously promoting eating healthy, he is also a strong advocate for the taste of the food, respect for the ingredients and the relationship with the food producers and fairtrade.


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