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Eat Buenos Aires Ice Cream


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Along with the parrillas (Argentine steakhouse) and cafés that line every street of Buenos Aires, you will also see a lot of heladerías (ice-cream shops). The sheer numbers of  them prove that Buenos Aires has one of the best ice cream in the world. You surely have to try them out, if not once, definitely twice to really appreciate this all year round snack. Thus, eating ice-cream is no doubt deemed to be one of the Buenos Aires things to do.

If you have read any travel guides, you may have already come across names like Freddo, Volta, Persicco and Munchi’s, which are the prominent ones with multiple branches all over town. There are also many other classic ice-cream parlors that have served their neighborhoods yummy home-made flavor for years, a few that were recommended to me are Cadore in Centro, Saverio in San Cristóbal, Nonna Bianca in San Telmo, Jauja in Palermo, and Arkakaó in Recoleta.

2 things that surprised me when I had my first ice-cream eating experience here were that first, there are so many choices to choose from! It was a pure sensation of a kid being in a candy store. Second, you get to pick 2 flavors for your standard size cone! If you think picking 1 flavor out of the 30 was hard, try picking 2!! After many frequent visits of ice-cream indulgence, I have gotten the routine down; sometimes I’ll change it up, try different flavors and ask for waffle cup rather than cone, and slowly my favorites emerged. The sheer selection of ice-cream flavors still amazes me, and I always wonder what other people are ordering. So, I take this opportunity to do a little ice-cream survey and ask the people around me what flavors do they usually order?

Bosque a la crema (creamy mixed berries)
Chocolate Amargo (dark chocolate)
Mascapone (mascapone with mixed berries)
Menta granizada (mint chocolate chip)

Mousse de maracuya
(passion fruit mousse)
Cereza a la crema
(creamy cherry)

Dulce de leche granizado (Sweet milk with chocolate chips)
and anything with lots of chocolate!

Chocolate con almendras
(chocolate with almonds)
Dulce de leche con nueces (sweet milk with nuts)
Mousse de maracuya (passion fruit mousse)
Frutos del bosque (mixed berries)

Chocolate blanco (white chocolate)
Tramontana (vanilla and sweet milk twirl with crunchy chocolate-covered cookie bits)
Or Banana Split (banana flavor mixed with caramel)
Or Frambuesa (raspberry)

Sambayón (this is based on the same name Italian dessert which is made with Marsala wine, egg yolks and sugar)
Chocolate amargo con almendras y/o nueces
(dark chocolate with almonds and/or nuts)

As you can see, it’s impossible just have 1 or 2 favorites! What flavor do you like to order?


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