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Buenos Aires Nights Out: Where To Go During The Week



For those who have spent even a little bit of time in Buenos Aires, you know that this is a city that rarely sleeps. Nightlife starts late and ends in the wee hours of the morning, so make sure to squeeze in that little siesta before a big night out on the town! Most boliches—or nightclubs—in Buenos Aires do not begin until 2 a.m. and more likely than not, you will probably see the sunrise, if you decide to party like a porteño.

In this bustling metropolis, you will find that there is something to do every day of the week. Having circuited the Buenos Aires nightlife, I have found that even on weekdays, there are happening venues to be found and a great night to be had.


La Bomba de Tiempo
A percussion show featuring a group of 17 percussionists and a different special guest weekly, La Bomba provides tourists and Argentines alike a wonderful, high energy performance that will be sure to get you grooving and dancing to the hypnotic beats. With a young, hippie vibe, you will undoubtedly have a great time in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, different from the posh electronic nightclubs of Palermo.

Ciudad Cultural Konex – Sarmiento 3131, Almagro


Cheap drinks, buena onda, and lots of games. What more can you ask for from a bar? On Tuesday nights, they have happy hour all night, with three beers for just AR$15. With billiard tables, boards games, and fooseball, you will be sure to have a great time with your friends. Be sure to bring your ID though because while many places do not check for ID, this is one place that does. Plus, in order to check out board games and playing cards, you will need to leave your ID as a form of collateral.

Arenales 2932, Barrio Norte

Hype at Kika
While located at a smaller venue, this weekly Tuesday party provides you a reliable, guaranteed fun night out during the week. The music varies greatly depending on the day of the week at Kika, but at Hype on Tuesdays, there is an eclectic mix of electronic, dub step, house, hip-hop and even rock. There is truly something for everyone.

Honduras 5339, Palermo


Terrazas del Este
Trendy, chic, and fun, this boliche, complete with several decks, gardens, and cabanas in open air, sits overlooking the river. With several dance floors, the venue plays a variety of music from Top 40s to electronic to reggaeton. Beginning at 19:30hs, this After Office party is the one time in Buenos Aires that you can get a full night in and still be in bed by a decent hour. Be sure to dress to impress because the dress code is strictly enforced. For men, that means dress shoes!

Av. Sarmiento 4700 (entre Av. Costanera Norte), Costanera

Mass Hysteria at M.O.D.
New to the Buenos Aires nightclub scene, Mass Hysteria offers a mix of hip-hop and electronic music with the occasional live band. Situated in the quaint neighborhood of San Telmo, this new party offers you an alternative to bars on a relatively slow and quiet night of the week. The upstairs lounge area offers you an area to relax and to take a break from dancing the night away.

Balcarce 563, San Telmo


Lost at Club Araoz
Being from California, I found myself craving some hip-hop after weeks of electronic music that pervades Buenos Aires. Lost fulfilled that need. While the venue itself is nothing to write home about, the energy of the boliche draws you in. Without pretense, everyone at the club is just looking for a good night of drinking and dancing. If you’re looking for your fix of hip-hop, this is one of the few, if not only, clubs that will play the jams from back home. Make sure to get there before 2:00hs so you can check out the break dance competition.

Araoz 2424, Palermo


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