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Alternative Way to Get to and See Tigre


tigre delta river

A favorite weekend getaway for tourists and locals alike is a small town that lies to the north of the city on the delta of the Paraná River: Tigre.

Most people who don’t have cars tend to head up there by train, since it’s the most economical option and because this form of public transportation takes just one hour to get there. But another great mode of transportation, for those who are just as interested in the journey as they are in the destination, is to head up there by boat!

Here in Buenos Aires you can arrange passage on a two-hour ferry ride that will take you from Puerto Madero to Tigre and back again. This ferry is run by Sturla Viajes, includes English- and Spanish-speaking guides who give explanations and useful information about all of the different sites that are passed on the way up to Tigre. Over an hour of the trip is spent exploring the narrower channels of the delta between the islands, providing opportunities to see what Tigre is like away from the mainland. You should call to reserve your place on the boat at least 1 day before your trip. Please keep in mind that the prices on the website may not be up to date, so be sure to double check when calling to make the reservation!

The first boat leaves Puerto Madero at 10am (arrives at 12pm) and the return boat departs from Tigre at 4pm (arrives at 6pm). In particular, the activity at the Tigre dock is fascinating and is sure to keep you entertained while you wait for the return boat!

Furthermore, the boat ticket includes a free bus pass to use the Bus Turístico Tigre upon arrival. Or if you arrive by a different means of transportation, you can still buy a ticket to take the Bus Turístico around town. This bus has seven stops in order to bring its passengers to the most popular destinations in Tigre, such as the Museo de la Reconquista and the Casino Trilenium. It also has stops at the docks and the train station. You can get on and off the bus at whichever stops you’d prefer and they have schedule posted online so that you can better plan your excursion.

Note: The ferry times and bus pass information are accurate at the time of posting, however they are subject to change.


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