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After Office in Buenos Aires

Best After Office Bars & Pubs in Buenos Aires City



Best After Office Places in Buenos Aires

If there is one thing I have learned about nightlife in Buenos Aires, it has to be that Porteños never pass up on a chance to celebrate– even if its something as small as celebrating the end of the workday. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that Buenos Aires has a robust post-work social culture in the form of after office drinks and parties attended by local porteños looking to shed the stress of the workday and relax with some good, old-fashioned socializing. These events are held during the weekdays after a typical workday– from 7 pm, give or take, until late. One local informed me that on a noche tranquila (a calm night) after office ends at around midnight, but on a crazy night, it can last until 7 am. After spending some time here, it becomes evident that Buenos Aires is a city made for night owls. At after hours bars and events, you will find locals dressed in their office attire (ties loosened), chatting and enjoying the company of their coworkers or catching up with friends from university. After office drinks began popping up in the 90s, but the idea really took off in the early 2000s once office days starting getting longer and the need for blowing off steam increased.  

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Best Bars in Buenos Aires 2020

Even if you aren’t working in an office here in Buenos Aires, you can still partake in and enjoy this festive tradition. Below I have listed the ideal places to come together for to drink, eat and be merry after a long day at the office, all suited for different tastes and desires. Many of these bars can be found in the centro, where the nucleus of office life in the city, but the vibe has spread to many other parts of the city including Puerto Madero, Recoleta, and Palermo.  

Downtown After Office

The workday hustle and bustle of the microcentro area continues from the end of the workday into the evening. The after-hours bars in microcentro begin and wind down earlier than in other areas since people go directly after work as it’s beating pulse of businesses and workplaces in the capital. In microcentro is the main street to find a ton of bars and after hours action is the pedestrian Reconquista. On this street, you will find bars by the dozen, many of which are Irish pubs, which are frequented by oficinistas grabbing a birra and some picadas (a pint and some snacks). Be sure to check out the popular mainstays: The Kilkenny (on the corner of Reconquista and Marcelo T Alvear), across the street Porto Pirata (Marcelo T de Alvear 401), Restobar El Salmón (Reconquista 1014), Cervelar (Reconquista 958). Other well-frequented bars in microcentro include: On Tap (Marcelo T de Alvear 834) and Temple Bar Centro (Marcelo T de Alvear 945), located right next to each other, offer quality craft beer and good happy hour deals. In the mood to treat yourself to a fancy cocktail? Check out SHOUT Brasa & Drinks (Maipú 981) or Sky Bar (Maipú 907), located on the rooftop terrace of the swanky Hotel Pulitzer with a view and cosmopolitan vibe that is sure to impress.

Recoleta After Office

   Nearby, in the posh neighborhood of Recoleta, after office also thrives in variety and is usually frequented by locals who live in the area. Take advantage of a beautiful day and enjoy the sunset at Camping (Av. Pueyrredón 2501), an outdoor bar located on the terrace of the Buenos Aires Design building which overlooks buena onda (good vibes) of the plazas of Recoleta, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Faculty of Law building. The Shamrock Bar (Rodríguez Peña 1220) is a popular Irish pub that caters to a more youthful working crowd. One of my favorites is Milion (Paraná 1048), a large bar and tapas restaurant located in a former aristocratic mansion, with many cozy rooms and a beautiful garden patio. It is a great place to chat and relax and caters to a more mature working crowd.

Palermo After Office

Although Palermo is not primarily a working area, the after-hours culture has still made it big. Many choose the area as well because it’s a midpoint from other people’s work and home. These events are much more happening towards the end of the week, particularly on Thursday, as they are more likely to go on until much later and also have more boliche vibes– AKA less talking more dancing.

For a more cocktail bar locale with an atmosphere similar to Milíon, try Bangalore (Humboldt 1416) on Wednesdays or Thursdays located in the bumping neighborhood of Palermo Hollywood. Boliches open their doors earlier and offer food and tables for optimal coworker socialization (*wink*) at Liquid (Av. Santa Fe 3651) on Wednesdays through Fridays and Rosebar (Honduras 5445) on Thursdays. Here, you will likely encounter a group of coworkers celebrating a birthday or a promotion. Check out their websites to get on a promoter list for worry-free entrance. Other boliches that also offer after hour events with drinks, food, and loud music, include Mystique (Sarmiento 1662) in the center and Asia de Cuba (Pierina Dealessi 750) in Puerto Madero– both on Wednesdays.

For a truly unique after-office hours experience, try Opera Bay (Acceso Punta Carrasco) located right on the riverfront near the airport. Exclusively open Wednesday nights, offering food trucks and outdoor table seating with indoor and outdoor dance floors that fill up as the evening wears on. I went for my birthday last October and I must say, it is a perfect mix of casual dinner and drinks with friends (reasonable prices) and dancing al aire libre with spectacular views of the river. Highly recommend if you are looking for a unique experience.

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