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A Taste of Bariloche


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When I think Bariloche, I think mountains, skiing, lakes, chocolate, craft beer, and Swiss style houses. Bariloche, or San Carlos de Bariloche, is a town that’s known for its proximity to nature, and its views are breathtaking. But more than that there’s some pretty wonderful things to eat there if you’re trying to experience more than just the outdoors while you’re there.

Bariloche is full of tasty treats! The only issue is trying to pick where to start.

Places to eat chocolate:


Mitre 298, esquina Rolando.

Lunes a domingos de 8:30 a 23hs.

(0294) 442 3294

[email protected]

The company began in 1989, and just this year won 2 awards in the international chocolate competition. While the chocolate is excellent, the shop is endearingly decorated as well. It’s an Alpine-style chocolateria, decorated with the Russian nesting dolls. This is an excellent place to not only pick up chocolates for yourself (which I recommend) but also to pick up chocolates to bring back home for friends and family 🙂

Rapa Nui:

Mitre 202, Bariloche.

Base Cerro Catedral, Bariloche

0810-888-RAPA (7272)

One stop for lunch and some of the best chocolate? Yes please. This place is a cafe as well as one of the best places for chocolate in Argentina. They sell woks, waffles, ice cream, cakes, coffee, and chocolate treats. If you’re going to do a DIY chocolate tour there, this place is a must try. Rapa Nui was established in 1996, though the owner’s grandfather brought the tradition of making chocolate with him to Bariloche from Italy in 1948. Passed down through the family line, Diego Fenoglio was a chocolatier as his parents, grandparents before, and as all his children now are.

Del Turista:

F.N. Laprida 4840

Phone:  +54 11 3221-6178

Email: [email protected]

Del Turista was founded in 1969 by the Secco family who brought the tradition of chocolate making to Argentina from the Swiss- Italian Alps. Del Turista is somewhere you can go after skiing, sit around and enjoy the chocolates and have a cup of coffee and relax. The chocolates here will also probably be the best quality for the price 🙂

To fit into the Alps-style get-a-way, there’s a plethera of craft beer in Bariloche. Places that you must go see if you’re looking for a craft brew:


+54 294 4428905

Neumeyer 20, San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro

Created in 2005, this Cerveceria has some incredible beers. It may be a wait to get into there for dinner, but it will most certainly be worth it. Not only are the brews incredible but the food is good quality for what you’re paying. While every beer I’ve had there has been good, the Irish Cream Ale was absolutely amazing.  If you’re going there for dinner, I recommend the trout for a few reasons:

  1. Bariloche is known for trout. There’s a lot of fresh trout there, and the quality of the fish is very good
  2. The trout dish is to die for there. It’s 3 pieces of fish served with capers, lemon in a butter based sauce. Maybe it’s not the best choice for your diet, but I guarantee the calories will be worth it.


Elflein 90 (esquina Quaglia)

0294 4422249

[email protected]

This is a German style pub with a nice atmosphere. The bar has a wide range of homemade beers as well as a nice happy hour. Not the place to go if you’re looking for fine dining, but a great choice for lunch or an apres. Food there can get a bit pricy so going for appetizers might be the way to go.


0294 445-0124

Circuito Chico Km 24,7, 8400 San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro

The beers are good, but the major attraction of this brewery is the location. I advise getting there for sunset, grabbing a beer and going out to the garden in the back and watching the sun sink behind the mountains. It’s guaranteed to be one of the most relaxing parts of your trips. The backyard of Patagonia overlooks the mountains and the lake- the view is breathtaking.

Tea Houses

Llao Llao

Ezequiel Bustillo Km 25, 8401 San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro

0294 444-8530

If you’re looking for a fancy tea you can go the the Llao Llao hotel. It’s a 5 star hotel, for good reason. Made almost entirely out of wood, it sits where 3 lakes meet.The hotel has been closed twice after its initial opening. Once in 1939 to 1040  due to a fire and once more in 1978 due to lack of funds. It was sold, renovated, and reopened in 1993. It´s now one of the most luxurious hotels in Patagonia.

Paila Co

Av. Campanario 3373, 8400 San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro

0294 444-8387

This is an intimate family owned tea house that overlooks a lake. There’s a balcony to relax and watch the water or take pictures. The pastries are tasty and you might just lose track of time chatting with whoever you went with. Right outside the house is a beautiful garden full of flowers where you can take a stroll or watch the stars at night. The business has been open more than 15 years and the experience shows through their presentation and taste of the tea time snacks.

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